Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pog Mo Thon!

I have mentioned before that I live with my parents and my grandma.  Initially, it began as a method to save some money after my roommate decided to move in with her boyfriend.

When I lost my job (loooong painful story), it was a wonderful relief to know I didn’t have to scramble to pay rent or a mortgage.

I have had a lot of people make remarks about my poor parents having to have a grown child back at home.  Or how awful it must be for me to live with my parents.

Granted, it is not the most ideal situation.  There are times that I would like my privacy or not to have to deal with anyone.  There are times that I would like to not have to clean up after 3 other adults.

For the most part, though, it works out fine.

To the amazement of most people, my parents LIKE having me here.  Aside from the fact that I do all the housework and most of the cooking, they just like me being here.

We have a good relationship and my mom is my best friend.  I know that they would prefer I not move out until I’m married (if that happens).  I make them laugh, lighten the mood when there is too much stress and tension from my step-dad’s work/travel and my mom’s caring for my uncle.  I also take care of Grandma.

For me, except for those few expected moments of frustration, I am good with being here too.  For the time being, it is a situation that works for all involved.

It would be nice if people stopped judging, commenting snidely and ridiculing us.

I know that with the current economy, there are a lot of people in the same living situation.  Way back when, this was totally normal and expected.  I get tired of having to defend myself and my family on something so basic and non-controversial.

To those with issues regarding my living arrangements, I say get over it, mind your business and pog mo thon.

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