Thursday, August 21, 2008

To Hug Or To Kiss?

Does anyone else have this issue?

I would say that 85% of the people I know hug OR kiss when greeting and/or saying goodbye.

The trouble is, how do you remember which are huggers and which are kissers? 

I can’t remember.

Other than my mom’s two best friends who I’ve know my whole life (they are kissers), I can’t remember who does what.

It’s even more awkward when it’s someone you don’t know, possibly just met that day or if they are people you rarely see because there is no way to know which they are going to go in for, the Hug or the Kiss.

What ends up happening is this:

If you are a hugger and you lean in for the hug, but they are kissers, they end up kissing your ear or neck or maybe even your hair.

I’ve had this happen frequently because I am a hugger, but then sometimes, I think they are kissers, so I go in for the kiss and I end up kissing the ear, neck or hair because they are huggers.

Then you have the opposite situation for the hugger who gets a kisser who then realizes they are with a hugger. The kisser stops short and gives a brief hug. The hugger ends up with a half-assed hug.

You know what I’m talking about.

The barely there hug.

The hand and wrist on the back, but nothing but air between.

If I’m gonna hug, I want a hug. Damnit.

Sometimes if you realize the other person is going for the opposite of what you are, you end up with the cheek to cheek AND the half-assed hug.

There should be some kind of notice or maybe even a rule. A manual perhaps. Something dictating which you are to do, HUG or KISS. It would save on some very uncomfortable moments.

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