Sunday, September 21, 2008

Christmas is NOT Just Around the Corner!

I have been seeing a lot of blogs talking about Christmas, Christmas gifts, Christmas cards, Christmas parties.

I looked at them and thought, “already?” 

I will admit that I have already started some Christmas shopping.  I have 4 godchildren, plus 2 other children to buy for in addition to my family and close friends.  I have picked up a few things for the kids that I have seen at really good prices and put them away.

That’s it though.  I don’t like to think about Christmas until November.  Just like I don’t like to think about Thanksgiving until after Halloween and Halloween until after September 22.

I have seen Halloween decorations in the stores for about a month and some people have their houses already decorated. 

Yesterday, I went to a hardware store to pick up a gallon of paint for the bathroom.  What was the first thing I passed after entering the store?

Christmas trees!  Christmas trees, wreaths, skirts, lights, ornaments, you name it.
Can’t we at least get to fall before you bombard us with Christmas!?!?!

I love Christmas, it’s always been my favorite holiday, but you really kill the spirit and the joy when you shove it in our faces while it is still 80 degrees outside!  Let the leaves turn first!  Let us have our first frost before you do this!  Please!

It has begun increasingly sooner over the last 12 years.  And I have become increasingly grumpier about it over the last 12 years.


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