Friday, September 26, 2008

Held Together With Tape & Dirt

My car is being held together with tape and dirt.

Well, not all of it.  I do have tape holding some things on.  It seems to break down a little more all the time.

My car was bought new in 2001.  My first new car.  All my other cars were only a few years younger than I was.

I was very excited to have a brand new car.

Not long after I bought it, I started having issues with the tires.  Every single car I have ever had has had issues with the tires.  I think I need to pray to the tire gods and make some kind of offering because it is really quite ridiculous.

To this day, I have issues with the tires.  They leak.  I have had them sealed, but that does not please the tire gods.  The rotors have rusted and I have had to have them repaired.

I have had to have the brakes replaced.  Did I mention I only have 31,000 miles on the car?

Two years ago, my front passenger window decided not to work anymore.  I couldn’t roll it up or down.  Yet, it would just fall down.  Especially if I hit a bumpy patch of road.  I would have to manually pull the window up.  Not fun in the cold and snow or in the rain.

I had that repaired after about a year of driving like that (it’s not cheap to fix).

A year ago, the back passenger window decided to boycott me too.  I think the tire gods and the window gods got together and decided they don’t like me, because shortly after that, the front driver’s side window decided not to work.

It wasn’t so bad because the front driver’s window did not just fall down like the other window does.  I went through all of last winter and much of the summer with the windows like this.  Then, suddenly, the front driver’s window decided to fall down too.  So, every time I get out of the car, I have to pull up the front driver’s window and the back passenger window.

Very annoying.

When I get an extra grand, I will have them fixed.

Wednesday, my turn signals started to freak out.  The turn signal gods must have decided to hate me too.  Either them or the wiring gods.  Not sure.  I think I will make an offering to both just to be sure.

The turn signals sometimes work, sometimes don’t.  It is random.  They will work perfectly fine, then maybe slowly, then not at all, then only if I jiggle the handle.

Between the time and cost of the praying and offerings and the ultimate cash to fix all these things, I am going to need my own government bailout.

Any tips for fixing such issues?  Any advised offering to car gods?  Motor oil is the obvious, but there might be some other more prized offerings….any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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