Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dating Your Gynecologist

I was over at Alan Gay & Straight returning an entrecard drop and I started reading one of his latest posts.  He was talking about choosing doctors based on gender and sexual orientation.  Whether choosing a doctor based on matching your gender or sexual orientation makes sense.

He mentioned that women go to female gynecologists.  Now, boys, if this kind of talk makes you uncomfortable, consider this your warning.

I do prefer a female obgyn.  I am more comfortable with another woman taking care of my female issues.  

I know a man is just as capable, but I feel like a woman is probably a little more sensitive and understanding.  She had been there, she knows what it is like to have your feet up in those stirrups with all your business in plain view.  To have a spot light on your goodies while a cold metal instrument is coming at your hooha. 

I know many women do go to a female obgyn, but not all do.  One of my best friends goes to a male.  She has a crush on him, but she’s married and can only look and flirt innocently.

She has tried to get me to go to her doctor.  Not so much because she is recommending him for how great he is at his job, but because he is single and hot.  She wants me to date him.

I might be up for dating her obgyn, but I would NOT want to be his patient.

Personally, I feel that the guy I date, should not be privy to my lady bits PRIOR to the first date.  

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