Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Didn't Always Like Halloween

When I was young, I hated Halloween. 

I hated it because I hate being scared.  I don’t know why people enjoy being frightened, especially intentionally. 

I never liked it.  It was made worse by my dad and sister.  They loved horror movies and haunted houses.  Since I was the youngest, I had no choice.  They dragged me to the movies and haunted houses against my will.

I was 6 when the movie “Poltergeist” came out.  They dragged me to that movie and I buried my head in my dad’s lap most of the time.  For years, I ran and leaped into bed because I was certain a clown was hiding under there ready to grab my ankles.

They dragged me to haunted houses even though I cried that I did not want to go.

It seemed the harder I cried during these things, the funnier they thought it was and the better time they had.

When I got a little older, I’d sit in the car while they went in the haunted houses.

My mom would get so angry when he dropped us off, but he would just laugh.  

When I got into High School, I didn’t hate Halloween as much.  I didn’t fear that clown under the bed so much.  I hated walking home from school on Halloween because people would egg or throw shaving cream at people, but I was lucky to avoid it.

Now, I like it but not for the fear-factor.

I love the fun aspect: the decorations, the costumes, the creative side of it.  I love fall as it is, but Halloween is just more fun to me as an adult. 

If you ever get down to New Orleans for Halloween, that is a blast!  I wish I could be there tonight!

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