Friday, October 10, 2008

I Took A Lickin'

Do you remember the game “I Took A Lickin From A Chicken?”

I was in the grocery store yesterday and walked by a display of Webkinz animals and there was a chicken.  For some reason that chicken took me back about 23 years to a time when my favorite game was “I Took A Lickin From A Chicken.”

I LOVED this game so much.  I’d play it for hours.

I vaguely recall that there were a few games you could play, but I always did the tic tac toe game.  I really wish that I could find it and that I could record it so you could hear the noise, but if you won or lost, it would dance around and cluck.  It was very noisy and drove my mom and sister crazy, but I did not care.  It was too fun. The clucking and things the chicken would say was what made that game worth playing.

Of course, I enjoyed Hungry, Hungry Hippo and Pig Pong, but they required someone else to play.  When my sister was off with her “cool” friends (she’s 3 years older) and my friends couldn’t come over or I couldn’t go over there, it was all me.  That chicken was my fun during those times.

Perhaps it is all the time I spent on my grandparents’ farm.  Even though they did not have chickens…perhaps it’s all that time in the farm, shall we say, environment, that made me like the game.  Come to think of it, that might explain the Pig Pong game as well.  They DID have pigs.  How I loved those pigs.  I won’t eat pork because of my grandparents’ pigs.

Wow.  Look at that.  Who needs therapy when all you need to do is talk about your favorite childhood games and why you liked them!

That saved me $100.  Thanks guys!

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