Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Painkillers Made Me Sick

After my post yesterday, I showered.  I was so happy to get a shower.  Not that it had been a long time, just a day, but I felt gross from the biopsy and all the probing.

I had my mom help me remove the bandage (especially being that it was wrapped around my chest) and help me wash my hair and back.  I did not want to strain my right side.

It’s kind of amazing how much I take for granted.  I am right handed and don’t even think about the strain of small tasks, like pulling the blinds.  It’s a small strain, but when you have stitches, it’s still a strain.

After I got out of the shower, I got sick.  My mom was helping to wrap me back in my bandage and I got lightheaded.  When I said it to her, I suddenly became even more lightheaded.  I had to sit down and nearly passed out. 

I was literally dripping in sweat.  I had my head between my legs to try to help with that lightheaded feeling and it was dripping down my back, chest, legs…it was dripping from my chin.  I was so clammy. 

I nearly threw up a few times.  Then it passed and I was fine again.

I had thought it was just from the heat of the shower and the mild pain in applying the bandage.  Now I realize it was also from the painkillers.  All of those things are some of the side effects.  I stopped taking the prescribed painkiller.

It made me feel weird.  One of the side effects is an altered state of mind and moving between those states of mind.  I am not really in pain, so I am taking plain Tylenol, which is the only drug I can take other than the prescribed painkillers.

While on the painkillers, I was taking them every 5 hours.  By the 4th hour after taking the pill, I would start to feel the pain again.  It wasn’t bad, but it was like a pinching.  After I stopped taking the painkiller and took just Tylenol yesterday afternoon, I went 8 hours between and really didn’t feel pain.  I took the Tylenol at bedtime just to keep any pain away while sleeping. 

I slept really well last night.  I took Tylenol at 10:30 last night and have not taken anymore since.

I felt nauseated this morning, but I still have the painkiller in my system from 24 hours of it and all the drugs from the surgery. 

I feel pretty good so far today.

Again, I thank you all for the prayers and kind words.

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