Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Must Trip Some Kind of Alarm

It seems we trip some unknown alarm at my trashcans.  Whenever we throw anything other than bagged garbage out there, the garbage pickers show up.

Whether it is a bucket or furniture, as soon as we walk away from it, someone comes to take it.  There are scrap metal trucks that come, but there are others than come and take ANYTHING that is not in a trash bag.

Yesterday, my step-dad tossed out some old office equipment.  Printers, keyboards, etc.  An SUV pulled up and we started hearing laughing, so I kind of walked to the side to see what was going on without being too obvious.  It was a young couple excitedly putting the things in their car.  I heard a few comments like “look at all this stuff!” and “can you believe all this office stuff is out here?”  It was kind of cute.

Today, while cleaning more junk out of the house, I threw away some old buckets, storage bins, shelves, mops and what I considered crap.  I normally take that kind of stuff (not the mops or crap) to AMVETS, but I know someone will come to take it, so I put it by the trash.

Shortly after that, I heard the tell-tale sound of things being tossed into the garbage picker truck.  CLUNK.  They took most of it. 

I don’t know what they do with it, but I am sure they do something good.  Either repurposing, selling for some cash or using it themselves.  We won’t do any of those things, so I’m glad someone can.

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