Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Son For Thanksgiving!

I woke up to a text message from my best friend’s husband.

It said “Water broke at the hospital still dialating.”

When I talked to her yesterday, I asked what she was doing for Thanksgiving.  I didn’t know if she would be going to her sister’s or her in-laws.  She said she was hoping to be at the hospital.  Thanksgiving is her due date.  Just as it was with her 3 year old.

Her daughter was late by a few days, so she was just praying her son would be on time, but it looks like he will be early.

The last report was that she was sleeping.  I told him to let me know if anything changes or if she wants some company.  With her daughter, there was a brood of us in the room waiting.  After a while, I had gone home. 

She was in labor for hours, so I am guessing she will be again this time.  I went to the hospital that night to see my goddaughter and, unless she tells me not to, I will go see her son tonight (assuming she won’t be in labor through the night).

I hope she has an easy delivery again and that she and the baby are okay. 

Just one more thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

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