Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Funny Little Nuts

My 6 year-old niece called the other night and left a message. 

This is the first time she left me a message; she said, “Hi Aunt Kelly.  Me and my brother did something we wanted to tell you about and he was crying and crying.” 

They always call when they have something remotely traumatic happen, especially if it involves tears. 

She said she walked into the wall and hit her face.  And my 3 ½ year-old nephew hurt his finger. 

My sister got on the phone later and told me what actually happened. 

You know how a dog will run on hardwood or tile and slide right into the wall? 

That’s what my niece did.  She was running through the house into the kitchen and slid across the floor smack into the wall.  Which sent her into tears saying, “I hit the wall!” 

My sister was cracking up telling me this, and so was I because I could envision the little nut doing this.   

While my sister was comforting her, my nephew started screaming bloody-murder running into the kitchen holding his finger in the air yelling, “my finger, my finger!” 

He looked so silly it distracted my niece enough to calm her down. 

My sister got out of my nephew that he was running his hand down the paneling in the family room and got a splinter.  She told him she had to get it out so it wouldn’t get infected, to which he continued to scream and run like a mad man. 

She had to tackle and straddle him coming at him with tweezers.  He was still screaming, but now saying, “don’t touch my finger, don’t touch my finger!”  She managed to pin him down long enough to extract the large splinter.  He suddenly stopped screaming and calmly said, “my finger doesn’t hurt,” very shocked at this concept. 

Later, while talking to my sister, she goes to check on him and see what he is doing.  She walks into the family room and sees him on the floor.  He looked like he was trying to crawl under the raised footrest of the recliner. 

She walks in further to get a closer look and she starts laughing and asks what he is doing.  He says, very matter of fact, that he is trying to close the chair….with his face.

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