Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gift Card Found 10 Years Later

I was cleaning my bedroom and going through a bunch of boxes recently.  I found a gift certificate for Carson Pirie Scott (known as Bergner’s and other names in other parts of the country).

I had been given the gift certificate 10 years ago.  Yes, a decade ago.  I had been working in a daycare while in college.  The parents always gave Christmas gifts to the teachers and the assistant teachers.  This was one of the gifts. 

It is only for $10, but that’s still a lot of money toward something.  I knew I had the gift certificate and that I lost it, but I thought it was gone forever.

I went in the other day and asked if it was still valid.  They had to do a transaction to change the paper gift certificate for a gift card, but it is still valid for the full dollar amount!

We hear so often about gift cards only being valid for a certain time or losing value after a year.  I was surprised and impressed that they honored it for the full amount.

At least customers are still valued at some stores.

I heard a report that said regardless of the economy, gift card sales for this Christmas will be up from last year and one that said it will be equivalent to last year.  I then heard a conflicting report that said gift card sales will be down because people feel they will get more value for their money buying items that are drastically discounted due to the slowing economy rather than the flat value of the gift card.

What do you think?  Will you be buying discounted items or gift cards?

Be cautious, however, when buying gift cards this holiday season.  With so many stores going out of business, the cards may end up being a complete waste of money.

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