Saturday, November 1, 2008

Itching & Halloween

I am recovering well from my surgery.  In fact, I forget on occasion that I had surgery.

I have to remind myself that I have stitches when I go to do something I am not allowed to do like drive or lift something heavy.

I can’t drive until after I have my follow-up with the doctor Wednesday.

The only issues I’ve had from the surgery are that I am really tired and itchy.  I get sleepy suddenly.  I normally do not take naps unless I am sick, but since the surgery, I nap at least once a day. 

The area around the incision is so itchy.  I know it is from healing, but it still makes me crazy because I cannot scratch like I normally would.  I have to be gentle because the area is swollen and bruised. 

I went by my sister yesterday afternoon to see the kids in their costumes and trick or treat with them a little.  I had to be physically distant and only give light hugs with them.  I know they didn’t understand that, but I couldn’t chance hurting myself.

They were so cute in their costumes.  My niece was Mulan and my nephew was Buzz Lightyear.  They had a ball.  We went up and down the street with them for about an hour and then came home. 

We never get many trick or treaters.  Our house is on a dark street near woods, so we get 15 kids at the most.  I was surprised they didn’t come later being it was Friday and warm, but they stopped about 8:00.

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween!  And don’t forget to set your clocks back (for daylight savings).

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