Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ramblings: Update on Biopsy & Other Happenings

I got my bill from the hospital for my ductogram and biopsy. 

Over $10,000.  I knew it would be a big bill.  I figured around that much, but it was still painful to see on paper.  Starting with my first appointment inquiring about the issue of concern that ended in the biopsy, the bills were over $15,000. 

I checked with my EOB online and it looks like they are paying the entire hospital bill.  Thank GOD!  It seems I will only have to pay about $450 of that $15,000.  What a relief.  Thankfully, I have good insurance.  I pay for it myself, so I chose a plan that has good coverage with a low deductible. 

It’s not cheap, but not as expensive as a lot of insurance.  Having dealt with the insurance side of things at my old job, as well as handling their Cobra, I know it’s pretty inexpensive in comparison to a lot (including their Cobra).

My bruises are finally fading.  The one on my hand from the IV is almost gone and those around the incision are starting to fade as well.  Yesterday was the first day in about 2 weeks that I wore a real bra rather than a sports bra.  The doctor had me wearing a sports bra 24/7 (except for showering).  The reason being that it helps with the discomfort.  It is still somewhat painful with any jiggling, so I have been wearing the sports bra. 

I went to my goddaughter’s 3rd birthday party yesterday, though, so I thought I should wear a real bra.  I decided to start wearing it more often to get used to it again…it felt weird to wear one after wearing the sports bra.

My poor goddaughter has pneumonia.  They went to the ER this morning because she has had cold-like symptoms and a high fever for a few days.  She is in good spirits during the day, but at night is so pathetic.  She woke up in the middle of the night sick and my friend decided to take her to the ER because it had been going on for so long.  She had called the doctor Friday and they said as long as she wasn’t having neck pain or any other symptoms that it should be okay. 

She felt guilty, but the ER doctor said the pneumonia was barely noticeable so they may not have seen it if she brought her in any sooner.  Poor sweet pea.  My friend is pregnant with baby #2 due in 2 weeks, so she is miserable too.  Good pair, huh?

I have not been posting much, at least content wise, because I have been on other people’s computers or on my desktop, which is so slow.

I had ordered an adapter for my laptop, but it does not connect the way it should.  I have had to sit and hold it at certain angles to get it to charge the battery.  It took days because I can’t sit there all day holding it, but finally, today, my laptop successfully turned on.  I am using it now. 

It’s been almost 2 weeks!  I was getting really antsy because there are documents on my laptop that I can’t access anywhere else.  Phew! 

Therefore, with my laptop back, I should be posting more and about things I’ve been wanting to write about but didn’t really get to write about until now.  Woohoo!!!  

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