Monday, December 1, 2008

How Do You Shop?

How do you shop for gifts?

I was thinking about this while watching a TV show discussing some “great gift ideas.” 

Most of those gifts were generic ideas.  Some of them were nice and they were all affordable, but nothing that would make me go, “wow I have to get that for so and so.”

Then while doing some online shopping, I started seeing a lot of “get X for ‘discounted price’ when you buy Z.”

That all got me thinking about how I shop.  Do I think about the person I am buying for and then get them what I know or think they would like OR do I buy what is cheap and available and then figure out to whom I could give it?

I would say, for me, it is 95% thinking about the person I am buying for and 5% buying something and then thinking about who to give it to.

This kind of thing happens in instances like at Toys R Us.  If you have shopped there in the last few weeks you will know that if you spend $50 you can get a $30 Ming Ming (Wonder Pets) for $5.  I bought that and I had to think about who to give it to.  I got 2 actually.  One was already designated for my nephew because he had it on his list.  The other I have to think about.

I have seen my mom do this in the past.  She will see something she thinks is so cool and at a great price and she buys it.  I ask, “who is that for?”  She says, “I don’t know, but it makes a great gift.”

Do you think it is bad to do that?  I know I would prefer someone think about me rather than just give me something because they had it, but I also appreciate that they gave me anything at all. 

How do you shop?

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