Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is He Flirting With Me?

I was in line with my mom checking out at a store and when we reached the counter, the cashier began chatting with me.  Asking about the weather and that kind of thing. 

When we walked away, my mom grinned and said, “without a doubt, he was flirting with you.”

I just smiled and thought to myself, really?  Hmmmm.

Everyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am clueless.  I never have any idea when someone is flirting.  I think they are just being nice or making conversation.  Not flirting.

It happens time and again; I am told after the fact that the guy was flirting.  Waiters, cashiers, bartenders, vagabonds, etc….

There are a few occasions to which I can be certain the guy was flirting.  They usually involve some drooling on the guys’ part and him looking at me like I am a stripper on a pole.  You see, it usually has to be THAT obvious for me to realize he is flirting.

There have been a handful of times when I can tell. 

One of those times, the guy doing the flirting had potential. 

I was with my whole family, which, frankly, is not generally a time I would expect a guy to flirt, but that just shows confidence on his part.  We were in line to have brunch at Marshall Field’s Walnut Room during the holidays and this very handsome, well-dressed man comes directly to me in a line of over 100 people to ask what we were in line for.  He was smiling, a smile that reached his eyes, and making eye contact.

His eyes are burning into my soul and I am imagining a lovely wedding on a beach somewhere and 3 gorgeous blonde children (they would have taken after their daddy, of course) when my mother turns around and answers him before I could open my mouth to form a word. 

He looked stunned and slightly appalled before quickly retreating.  I had the urge to jump over the velvet rope and chase after him yelling, “wait! What about our babies!” 

My all too sensible self took over and I stood firmly where I was and glared at my mother. 

“What?” she asked innocently. 

“What?!” I asked, incensed.  “You are always telling me I don’t know when a man is flirting and this time I do, but what happens?  My mommy answers for me.  If I were him, I would have run too!”

Do you think that is why I am still single? 

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