Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

We have had some terrible weather the last week or so.  This month alone, we have had about 20 inches of snow.  I would say at least half of that has been in the past week alone.

If you are from the Chicago area, you know Mayor Daley has decided to lessen the amount of plowing done to “save money.”  The CDOT has sworn that the side streets are being cleaned, so not to worry.  However, our street hadn’t been cleaned in a full week.  All that snow has been packed onto the street, which has created a challenge for all cars, especially those lower to the ground, like mine.

Our street is the only one within a mile not plowed.  I am thinking someone on this block has ticked off someone in power.

Today my family will go to my sister’s house for Christmas Eve.  My uncle and his 2 adult children are the only outside of our immediate family to join us.  My uncle, as I have mentioned before, has MS and is bedridden.  He gets around in a scooter if he gets out of bed, which happens about twice a year.  He looks forward to Christmas Eve all year.

My mom was unable to get a reservation for a handicap accessible van and they were going to use their old van (1993), which they rigged last year for him, but it won’t start and is buried under all that snow.

My grandma had decided not to go and my uncle was told he couldn’t go because we didn’t think my little car would be able to get down the street (I don’t drive it much and haven’t moved it since Saturday – we have had about 5 more inches of snow since then).  My mom was so upset and my cousins said they wouldn’t go if my uncle couldn’t go.  They didn’t want to leave him alone on Christmas Eve.

While my mom was in the basement yesterday, I went out and cleaned my car off.  I decided to see if I could get the car out.  It took a while and a bit of rocking, but I got it out.  Then I had to try to get over the packed mound of snow down the center of the street.  That was difficult, but I managed.  I drove around the block okay.  Parking it again was harder than getting it out, but I did it.

I had my mom call my uncle and he still said no because my grandma wasn’t going, but while she was in the other room talking to him, I talked her into going.  So, our gathering is back on.

My grandma is happy now because her 2 children and all 4 grandchildren, as well as her 2 great-grandchildren, her son-in-law and grandson-in-law will all be together.  She said at any age, but especially her age (90 in 4 months), she may never have her whole family together again.

The snow plows came down our street last night packing the snow against all the cars, but I should be able to get it out again.  I hope.  I will try it in a couple of hours.

I hope that whatever you do today and whomever you are with, you have wonderful and blessed day. 

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