Friday, December 5, 2008

More Laptop Woes

Sorry I have been missing for a couple days. 

My laptop connection has been wonky again.  Not the internet connection, the adapter connection. 

It had been fine, and then was suddenly not connecting unless I held it or fidgeted.  It’s like an antennae, I have to move it around and wait for the static to go away, or in this case, the green light to go on.

Because it hasn’t been connecting, I haven’t been able to run a virus scan, so I was doing that Tuesday.  I set it down while I moved furniture and cleaned so we could put up the Christmas tree and the laptop died.  Again.

I couldn’t get it to connect and I didn’t have time to play around with it until last night.  

After I got it connected, it took an hour for it to do the tests and scans before I could even access my files.

In a way, it was good, because I got a lot done.  However, now, I am even more behind.  I’m always behind in returning Entrecard drops because I often get more than 300 a day, so now I’m even further behind. 

Oh well.  Such is life.

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