Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ohh! That Smell!

Yesterday was an olfactory adventure. 

I went to Borders to scope out some prices on a few books that I want to buy as gifts.  

You’d be amazed how much cheaper they are online and you get free shipping!  I digress.  I got a vanilla latte at Seattle’s Best while there.  I adore the fragrance of coffee.  When at the grocery store, I walk slowly down the coffee aisle inhaling deeply and slowly.  Ahhhh!  What a way to start the day!

I made a few more stops before going to Kmart.  I was spending most of the shopping time scoping out prices of things I hadn’t bought yet to see who had the better deals (online was winning).  I wanted to check out the price of a game, so I walked straight down the center to the back of the store.

I passed a massive display of holiday candles and nearly passed out from the overwhelming pine scent.  Wow!  It was like snorting a fresh Christmas tree.  Bad, bad, bad.  I do enjoy the scent of a fresh Christmas tree, but in moderation and not that fake-car-deodorizer-tree smell. 

I finally got that smell out of my nose. 

While looking at the back wall of games, I moved a few inches too far to the right because I hit a wall of stink.  It smelled like someone took a very large poopy diaper and shoved it behind the games…4 days ago.  I got dizzy from the smell.  I quickly moved in the other direction and began fanning myself to get rid of the smell.

I realized I had done it all backwards.  I should have hit the poopy game wall first, then walked through the smelly candles and ended with the delicious aroma of coffee.  

Hindsight, you know, hindsight.

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