Tuesday, December 16, 2008

They Crack Me Up!

The kids in my life make me laugh.  The older they get, the more amusing they are to me.

1) My nephew and my sister were over the other afternoon.  My nephew would not talk to my mom or to me.  We kept asking him things, but silence.  He went downstairs to see my grandma.  He loves my grandma so much; she eats it up too.  He ran to her and he babbled away for about a half an hour.

My sister asked him when they were at home why he wouldn’t talk to my mom or to me.  His answer:  I would have if you weren’t there.

He is going to be 4 years old in 2 months.  I can only imagine how he will be when he is 14!

2) I visited my best friend the other day.  She is on maternity leave as her newborn is just 3 weeks old.  I barely saw him because I was playing with my goddaughter who was very much needing to run and get all that energy out. 

At one point, we were running from monsters (she found it amusing that every time she would say she saw a monster, I would run screaming) and took cover in the office.  She said the following with wide, wandering eyes, arms spread out as if settling a boisterous room: We are in the land of nowhere.  Don’t panic.  If we panic, we will get them.

She just turned 3 this month.  I took the “If we panic, we will get them” to mean, if we panic, they will get us.  She’s 3.

3) I talked to my other best friend today.  She was telling me the funny things my godson does and says.  He has 2 girl friends that he is enamored with.  He is the same age as my nephew (only 2 weeks apart), so he doesn’t quite get the whole crush thing, but he adores these girls.  We were talking about how her youngest (18 months) and my godson experience random acts of violence between the two and how all kids taunt each other. 

She said the girls know what things will push my godson’s buttons and will take a certain toy and hold it over their heads while running from him.  He gets upset and she tells him they are just teasing him.

He says: I don’t want to play tease!

God, I love these kids!

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