Friday, January 23, 2009

MMM! Yum! Pancit!

My best friend since we were 5 is half-Chinese and half-Irish.  Her mom is Chinese but was raised in the Philippines.  Because of that, I grew up eating Filipino food around Filipino people. 

I never thought about it, it’s just the way I grew up.  Other people don’t like the food or don’t really know how to eat it.  The same with Chinese food or Japanese food.  I spent a lot of time in Chinatown with them and at various Asian food markets and whatnot.
My two favorite foods her mom made (my friend makes them now too) are Pancit and Chicken Adobo.  Actually, one time when we were kids, my friend’s mom and her Filipino friends called me an honorary Filipino because of the way I was eating it.  

Apparently, I was eating it like they do. 

A funny thing about growing up with all of them is that they are so small and I am so tall.

My best friend is 5’1.  Her dad is probably about 5’4.  Her mom is about 4’9.  I am 5’10.

The funniest part is that my friend and I were often asked if we were sisters, or even funnier, twins.

Not only are we 9 inches apart in height, I am mostly Irish, not a drop of Asian blood in me.  I am extremely fair skinned and my friend is very tan.  We really don’t look at all alike.  Her mom was usually with us too, so I think it is even funnier that they would think I was her child.  We think it was usually because of how we behaved together.  Always giggling and having so much fun with the most mundane things.

I miss them all so much.  Her parents live in Arizona now, so I rarely see them.  My best friend now lives in Georgia with her husband and 2 boys.  I see her usually once a year or so.  The last time I saw them was October 2007.  Hopefully I will see them in a few months as they might be coming in April. 

My friend usually makes Pancit when I visit her, so, I get it usually once every 2 years.

My uncle’s nurse is Filipino.  She comes to his condo once a week to check his vitals and whatnot.  She is very sweet and they get along really well.  They were talking one day (my mom is always there when the nurse comes) and my mom mentioned that we like Pancit.  The next week, she brought a giant pan of piping hot Pancit that she had her husband make.

It was so good!  A bit different from my friends.  Slightly different noodles and a few different vegetables, but it was good!  I have to learn how to make that and Adobo.  I also have to learn how to make Empanadas and Alfajores.  My other best friend is from Argentina and her mom always made them.  Now that her parents moved back to Argentina, I never get the cookies and only sometimes get the empanadas if her sister makes them. 

Man, now I am hungry!

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