Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Homework Assignent

I started my Paralegal courses today. 

The first is a research class.  I had to watch an online video of a class.  The usual intro stuff.

My first assignment is two-fold.

I have to contact several local law libraries and find out if they have 10 law books that I will need for research purposes for the final project. 

I then have to go to one library, scope it out, get a map and all so I know where various necessities are located and use a law dictionary to get definitions of several words.

My only problem is that all the law libraries are downtown and without a car, it will be a challenge to get there.

I’ll figure it out.

Tomorrow I am going to try the computer classes at the lab one more time before I decide if I am dropping them.

I also have to start the second paralegal class in the next few days.

I admit, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all I have to do in the next week.  My nephew’s birthday party is Saturday, so the entire day is shot as far as getting any schoolwork done.

I also have to print and mail all the invitations for my grandma’s party.

Not enough time in the day!  

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