Monday, February 2, 2009

Frustrated With School

I went to the computer lab today to start my Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate classes.

I hadn’t gone yet because my car is dead.  I was going to go for the first time last Monday, but that’s when the car died and I was waiting for it to be fixed because it seemed like it would be fixed rather quickly.  As you know, that hasn’t happened.

I got a ride and went to the room listed on my registration.  I signed in and told them what classes I was there for because when I registered, it said they would provide me with the materials.

They had no idea what I was trying to tell them.  I said I was there for the MOS Certificate classes for Excel and PowerPoint.  The dimwit behind the counter tried to give me info for the Microsoft Office class.  I said Excel and PowerPoint for the MOS Certificate, they are independent study classes.

They didn’t get it.  It took two people to figure it out.  They gave me a workbook and I went to a computer.  I clicked on the Independent Study window and looked over the info.  There is no information telling me exactly what I am supposed to do.  I know I am to read the book and practice the things it tells me to, but it tells me to do certain things to established documents, save as, print preview and print. 

I know how to do all of that, so I am not sure if I am doing this just for practice or if I am supposed to turn it in.  If I am just doing it to practice, I don’t need to print, that’s wasteful and I already know how to do that.  There are things I am supposed to email to the instructor, but it isn’t clear what those things are.

When I registered, I was told there would be an instructor nearby if I needed help.  There isn’t.  There is a very LOUD, unpleasant “tutor” who also doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about.  Several people asked him for help and not only did he shout so that everyone in the lab was disrupted, he didn’t answer their questions and was condescending. 

After almost 2 hours, I left.  I felt like I just wasted all that time because I was reading and trying to figure out what I am actually supposed to be doing. 

I called for someone to pick me up and while I waited, I walked over to the building and room listed next to my Paralegal courses.

Those classes start Thursday and I hadn’t heard anything about what to do or where to go to start the classes.  They are online, but I don’t know what website or whatnot. 

Since the MOS classes hadn’t given me any information, I thought I’d go ask about these before they start.

I told them why I was there and they gave me an email address for the instructor, they couldn’t tell me anything else.  I took that and decided to email that person when I got home to ask about it.  When I signed into my email, the instructor listed on my registration had emailed me indicating what to do and where to do it.  Thank God someone is on top of things.  However, the name of the instructor is different than the one they gave me at the office today, which tells me they know even less than they suggested. 

Does anyone at this school have any idea what they are talking about?

I am going to contact one of the instructors (which is funny since none of them actually instruct) for the MOS classes and ask if I buy the book if I can do the stuff at home.  Seriously, if I have to teach myself everything with no help from a live person, I’d rather do it at home in my pajamas and without the disruption of the tutor.  If not, I am going to see about dropping these classes and taking them online at another school.  The school I got my BA from offers these classes online, but they don’t start until March, which is why I opted for the classes I’m enrolled in, hoping to get a head start.

This really shouldn’t be so complicated.

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