Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Half Way Through

I am starting week 4 of my Paralegal classes. 

I am more than half way through this term.  It is a lot more work than I anticipated, but it is teaching me a lot of what I will need to know. 

The one class is teaching me about research.  While I am seasoned in research of a normal variety (that is all I did my last year while getting my BA), legal research is different. 
Not only do I have to learn the lingo, I have to learn the hierarchy of authority and what resources provide that authority, how to find it and how to read the findings.

I have a 10 page paper I have to write due week 6 and I have not begun.  I do not leave things to the end when it comes to school, but each week we learn another piece to the research, so I can’t really get started.  I am going to be a lunatic that final week.

The other class is jurisprudence and we are learning the various areas of law.  For the 10 page paper due week 6 in this class, we have to pick a specialty.  This is hard because I have a lot of areas of interest.  For the sake of the class, I will just pick one and go with that.  I am not stuck to that specialty after the class is over, so I will just pick one that I can work with easily in writing.

I think for the classes that begin in April, I will just take one class.  Taking two has been overwhelming.  I have been hurrying from one class’s assignment to the next and as soon as that is done, it is time for the next week. 

Thankfully, though, they have been informative and the instructor is experienced and very easy to work with.  He is accommodating and quick to respond to any questions.  Such a relief after the computer lab nightmare.

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