Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Must Be Getting Old

I am getting old.

I’m turning into my mother!

I remember when I was in High School, even college, and my mom would ask about music I was listening too.  She had no idea about what music was hot at that time.

I have turned into her.  I am pretty clueless.

I have no idea who a large portion of the people at the Grammy’s are.  None. 

Today, I was watching Ellen.  I saw from the Info button who was on.  One guest was Lady Antebellum.

Never heard of her, I thought.  I assumed it was a female rapper.  Sounded like the name of a female rapper to me.

Now, if I sat and thought about it for more than 30 seconds, I probably could have deduced that it was country music.  The word antebellum is in the name after all, but I doubt I would have figured out it was a group.

I do know who some of the “new” artists are, but my tastes have changed.  I know people like Adele, Duffy, Katy Perry and the like are.  If it’s any harder, louder or bizarre, I am clueless.  I even know a bit of the country music people even though the only country music I own is the Dixie Chicks and Big & Rich.  I know who Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are…but some of the other ones are a mystery. 

Is it me, or are the names getting weirder too?

There was a time when I knew the name of every song by every artist, whether it was the genre of music I liked. 

Oh well.  I should have known the day would come.  I am old.

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