Monday, February 9, 2009

I've Had It!

So, I went to the computer lab again yesterday.  I had emailed the “instructor” last week about the computer classes, the people at the lab who had no idea what class I was talking about, the loud and rude “tutor” and the fact that nothing is clear as to what I am supposed to “turn in” for grading.

I got a response telling me what assignments to do. 

I had also asked if the classes could be done at home if I bought the books, but I didn’t get a response about that.

I decided to give the class one more shot at trying to figure out what they wanted me to do.

I got a ride, because my car is still dead and no one has any idea what is wrong with it, and sat there for about 20 – 30 minutes before I gave up.

I found the first assignment and started at it immediately.  I figured since I know the basics, I could breeze through the first bunch of assignments.

I opened the file it said to open.  The first part was to save it as a different name they provided.  After that, I should do various things. 

The problem, which is the problem I encountered last time with several files in the “practice” part when I still didn’t know what was to be turned in, is that the files are all marked as “read only” and cannot be saved as anything.

I tried different files and saving them as something in different ways, but the same message appeared.

I have used excel for years and have saved many a file as something else.  I know how to do this basic function.  But if a file is marked as read only by the administrator, there is nothing I can do to complete the assignment.

I fired off an email to the instructor and am waiting to hear back on what to do to drop these classes.  I have wasted 2 solid weeks and I am not wasting any more of my time on this crap.  They clearly have no interest in ensuring their students succeed when they can’t be bothered to prepare files properly or have staff that knows about this program.

It’s ridiculous.

Fortunately, the paralegal classes are going much better.  The instructor knows what he is doing and communicates with me regularly and quickly.  I turned in my first assignment and got feedback within a half hour.  He said I did a great job and provided the links for the next class.  I still have to finish the work for the second course, but it’s not due until Thursday, so I’m good.  So far, it is pretty straightforward, just time consuming. 

At least that’s something.

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