Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obituaries as a Hobby?

Do you read the obituaries?

I find this to be a fascinating pastime. 

I have never read the obituaries other than if someone I knew passed away and I was looking for the wake/funeral information.

My mom, however, reads them in Wednesday’s and Sunday’s Chicago Tribune every week.

This is not something that she has just started to do as she’s reached the AARP age bracket.  She has always done this.

I asked her why, because to me it is quite morbid.  She says she is looking for people she might know.  Sometimes someone passes and their family wouldn’t know or think to contact her. 

Well, that is still very morbid, but okay.  I guess that makes sense.

What is weird is that she doesn’t just skim for names she recognizes, she reads those for people she doesn’t know.

She frequently points out names of people, the length of the entry, what their life was like, how many grandchildren they left behind, etc.

The other day she pointed out two small children that died.  One a 3 year old and the other an 8 year old.  She read the entire entry and was teary eyed.  Well, yes, this is very sad and I am sorry for their families.  I am not trying to be insensitive to them.  I just find it an odd pastime.

Especially for someone who has very little time to herself.  Though, maybe that helps her relax or stay focused on what she does every day caring for my uncle. 

Do you or anyone you know read the obituaries regularly?

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