Thursday, February 19, 2009

Women Empowered

This season on The Biggest Loser, I am moved by the kindness and sense of community among all of the contestants.

Last season, I was disgusted with the way some of the contestants behaved and this season is like a breath of fresh air.

There are always some contestants that I feel connected too or cheer on a bit more than others.

It is usually someone in whom I see a strength or a great pain they need to overcome.

It is usually a woman that learns her own beauty and power.

This season, there are several that are standing out to me.

Tara (a 23-year old former model), of the green team, has been a powerful contestant from day 1.  She does not give up.  She fights for every pound every moment of the show.  She is definitely an empowered woman.  Her drive is inspiring.

This week they had a challenge, which was to climb a tall hill to retrieve a key that would unlock the door to the gym.  Only 2 teams (4 contestants) would find the key that unlocked the door giving only those 4 contestants access to the gym the entire week. 

There were dozens of keys and they had to keep going up and down the hill until the 2 keys were found.  It was blazing hot out and they kept running up and down.  Tara was up and down that hill more than most other contestants.  She was throwing up from the physical toll on her body, but she kept going.  That is determination.

I was thinking, wow she is a machine.

A few scenes later, Tara showed us a more vulnerable side.  It was good to see that everyone, including someone as strong as Tara, could experience a moment of weakness.  It is okay to be scared.

Another contestant that stands out is Mandi, mother of 2 boys, from the yellow team.  This is a woman that came to the show with little self-esteem and had no idea of her own self-worth.  She is a competitor, though.  Give her a challenge and she will fight till the very end.  She does not give up.  She shows her weaknesses to the world, but when it comes down to it, she is just as determined as Tara.

The third person that stands out to me is Kristin, from the purple team.  She is currently the heaviest woman in the house.  Last week, after working her butt off, she gained 2 pounds.  She was devastated.  This week, she lost 12 pounds putting her under 300 lbs for the first time in 8 years.  She is trying to lose weight to have a baby. 

What I love about Kristin is her attitude.  She never complains.  She just does whatever her trainer tells her to do.  A woman of her size would normally be hindered by the weight and unable to complete some of the tasks let alone be a competitor.  She always does well and makes it look easy.  In the challenges amongst the contestants, she fights hard to win.  She has come in second a few times beating out the men, even winning a tough challenge last week through sheer determination.

I love seeing this kind of strength in women.  The kind of strength that proves you can do anything you set your mind to.  The kind of strength that tells the world you are someone to be reckoned with.  The kind of strength that says you can overcome any obstacle.

I’d love to see these three in the finals.  I’ll be rooting for you, ladies.

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