Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tomorrow She Is Old

Tomorrow is the big day. The big 9-0! My grandma doesn't think she is old. She always says, "when I get old..." So, since she and I have such a great relationship and kid each other all the time, I tell her she will be old tomorrow.

We are taking her to breakfast, though it will be nearly noon. It's hard to get her moving too early. She doesn't eat much normally, but give her breakfast and she goes to town.

I told her that it's appropriate that her birthday is Wednesday since it is senior citizen's day now that she'll be old. She got a kick out of that.

Then we are going by my uncle's for a bit so she can see him and his sons. I am making cup cakes today because she wants to take some over there. Little does she know she will see them for her big party Saturday.

We are telling her about the party tomorrow, but we aren't telling her how big or who will be there. There are 67 people on the list. Some she hasn't seen in 40 years. They are the surprise.

After we go to my uncle's, my sister is coming by with her kids since it's my niece's early day from school.

We are holding back all her cards from people we invited and only giving her ones from people we did not invite until tomorrow. We are afraid they might mention the party before we tell her about it. That way, too, she will have a huge pile of cards on her actual birthday.

I can't wait to see how many floral arrangements she gets!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two Weeks To Go

Two weeks from today, my grandma turns 90. 

I keep telling her that in 2 weeks, she’ll be old.  My grandma and I have a close relationship and we tease each other all the time.  In fact, because her birthday is April Fool’s Day, I tell her she was a joke.  She has such a great sense of humor. 

The funniest thing, though, is that she doesn’t think she is old.  She says, “when I get old,” which is why I tell her she will be old in 2 weeks.

So far, we have 57 people coming to the party and still have about half to hear from. 

My grandma is the oldest of 5 and all of her siblings are living.  The youngest is 80.  It would be so nice if they could all make it, but we have not heard from her brother yet.  Her youngest sibling is playing it by ear because she has had a virus.  The middle sibling, hasn’t gave a definite answer, but we think she will come of the youngest comes.  The second oldest has Alzheimer’s, but her daughter is making arrangements for the nursing home to bring her (it’s a 5 hour drive for them).

When my cousin took the invitation to show her mother, she said it was like a switch flipped on and she was suddenly her mom again.  She looked at the photos on the invitation and began talking about her siblings and old times.  She is hoping being around her sisters and brother would help her.

Everything is done for the party for the most part.  I have to finish the album I am making with labels on the photos.  Otherwise, I know I will be flagged down with “who is this?” ever 5 minutes.  I was going to do the timelines of the US and Chicago, but since my laptop is down for the count, I can’t get to them.  Unless I get that fixed in the next week, it’s not happening.

Everything is going smoothly.  I just can’t wait to see her face when all these people show up!  

Wearin O' The Green

My Irish eyes are smiling because today is St. Patrick’s Day, which means corned beef, but also because it is going to be in the 70’s!  It’s already gorgeous and it’s not even noon!

It’s too bad the parade isn’t today, though it was nice over the weekend too.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day Sunday, but we will be having corned beef again today.  We only get it a couple of times a year, so it’s a treat.  Now, if you are making corned beef, can I suggest baking it?  Boiling it is the way most people do it, but really, baking it is so much better.  Try it.  Bake it on 350 for a couple of hours.  Uncover it about 20 minutes before you take it out so it can brown.  So much better.

The shampoo lady where I get my hair cut is from Ireland and she is there right now.  She said what was once a religious day has become a party day and they took it all from Chicago.  They dye the river green and they make corned beef!  Who would have thought the Chicagoans would influence the way the Irish celebrate their own holiday!

What do you do for St. Patty’s Day?  Anything?  Do you at least wear green?   I admit I don’t always wear a green shirt because I don’t have many, but I wear my green daily.  I have green eyes and I have 3 shamrocks tattooed on myself.  I’m not a witch, but I have studied about various religions and I know that 3 is a powerful number.  There are 3 “hearts” on a shamrock, which makes my tattoo 3 x 3 which is even more powerful.  Plus in Christianity, 3 is a powerful number, i.e. the holy trinity.  I think I have my bases covered.  

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hair Growing Wear?

Have you noticed that men get weird hair as they get older?

Now, I won’t pretend that women don’t get hair in places they would prefer not to as theyage as well.  We all know about the dreaded mustache, chin hair and other random hairs that can grow out of other areas of the face.

I have a while before that happens to me.  Maybe by then they will have a magic pill that stops strange hair growth (other than estrogen, that is).

I have noticed, though, that men get really long and random hairs grow from their ears and nose.  You expect the hair growing from the inside of the nose and ears for men, but what about the outside?

Yep.  They get it growing from the earlobes and the tip of their nose.

In fact, my step-dad gets one hair from the tip of his nose.  Just one.  When I see it, I pluck it. 

He doesn’t like that, but I am sorry, you are not going to a big meeting or presentation with the president of some company and politicians, etc with a big, black hair growing from the tip of your nose!

He also gets one long, dark hair growing from each eyebrow.  Just one.  It gets to be an inch long before I notice it, and of course, then I pluck it too!

He acts like he is annoyed when I do this.  I see it and I say, “stay right there.”  He doesn’t realize why until I come running back with the tweezers.  You’d think by now, he would know what I was going to do.

Every time, however, he cringes and acts annoyed, but I think he likes that I take care of him.

He says he likes the crazy eyebrow.  I tell him he looks menacing.

If any of you are products of the 80’s, you might remember Strawberry Shortcake and the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak.  Well, that is what he looks like, that menacing Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How do you lose weight?

I don’t mean what are your methods of losing weight, I mean, where do you lose it first?

I know most women carry their weight in their stomach, hips, rear and thighs. 

For me, any extra weight I might gain goes to my belly and my face, but those are the last places I lose it.

Let me first say that I really only need to lose 5 to 10 lbs, but on me, a pound or two shows quickly and in my face the most.

Because we are having this party for my grandma and it is going to be more of a family reunion bringing together people I haven’t seen in over a decade or have never met, I want to look my best.

I would like to lose at least 5 lbs in the next 5 weeks. 

I have lost 2 or 3 lbs in the last several weeks. 

Yet did I lose it in my face or my belly?


I always lose it in the one place I don’t have much to spare….my chest.

A few weeks ago, I bought some new bras because I haven’t bought any in years.  I had a gift card from Christmas and I got 4 bras for $30 after sales and store coupons. 

I put one on last week that I had remembered fitting really well when I tried it on in the store but I kept having to adjust the straps and put it on the tightest hook because it was loose.

Then I realized why.

I lost those couple of pounds since I bought them and I always lose it in the bust first!


Where do you lose weight first?

Monday, March 2, 2009

5 Weeks and Counting

I mentioned a while ago that we are throwing my grandma a 90th birthday party. 

I made the invitations and included a photo of my grandma when she was 19 and from 2 years ago.  A few people have commented that they have never seen my grandma look like she did in the young photo.  My grandma has looked the same for over 40 years.

We mailed the invites out over a week ago and have gotten a few responses so far.
I am a bit nervous because we have 106 people on the list (including our immediate family) and the room only holds 80.  Generally, I would be certain less than half would show, but this is for my grandma and everyone adores her.

A week after the invites were mailed, we have near 40 people confirmed and have heard from less than half those invited!   We will figure it out if they all come.

The party is in about 5 weeks, so we are getting things done.  We found a dress to buy for my grandma.  My mom is going to have her try on her dresses to see how they look, but in case they don’t look good, we will buy this one.

I have found some decorations online, but I want to go look in the party store first.
I have the Chicago Timeline from 1919 to 2009 done and am almost done with the U.S. Timeline.  It’s amazing how much has happened.  I need to format them better, but the text is there.  The rest is just details.

I still have to hunt down the box of photos in the attic, but I have time for that.

I would like to paint the kitchen and one hallway because I know a lot of the out of town guests will be here the next day.  The rest of the house looks pretty good, but the kitchen needs painting and the one hallway is a project my step-dad has been planning to do, but it at least needs a coat of primer.

I know the next 5 weeks are going to fly, especially since I have a lot of work for school the next 3 weeks.  Hopefully, I can get a lot done during the 2 weeks I won’t have class.

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