Monday, March 2, 2009

5 Weeks and Counting

I mentioned a while ago that we are throwing my grandma a 90th birthday party. 

I made the invitations and included a photo of my grandma when she was 19 and from 2 years ago.  A few people have commented that they have never seen my grandma look like she did in the young photo.  My grandma has looked the same for over 40 years.

We mailed the invites out over a week ago and have gotten a few responses so far.
I am a bit nervous because we have 106 people on the list (including our immediate family) and the room only holds 80.  Generally, I would be certain less than half would show, but this is for my grandma and everyone adores her.

A week after the invites were mailed, we have near 40 people confirmed and have heard from less than half those invited!   We will figure it out if they all come.

The party is in about 5 weeks, so we are getting things done.  We found a dress to buy for my grandma.  My mom is going to have her try on her dresses to see how they look, but in case they don’t look good, we will buy this one.

I have found some decorations online, but I want to go look in the party store first.
I have the Chicago Timeline from 1919 to 2009 done and am almost done with the U.S. Timeline.  It’s amazing how much has happened.  I need to format them better, but the text is there.  The rest is just details.

I still have to hunt down the box of photos in the attic, but I have time for that.

I would like to paint the kitchen and one hallway because I know a lot of the out of town guests will be here the next day.  The rest of the house looks pretty good, but the kitchen needs painting and the one hallway is a project my step-dad has been planning to do, but it at least needs a coat of primer.

I know the next 5 weeks are going to fly, especially since I have a lot of work for school the next 3 weeks.  Hopefully, I can get a lot done during the 2 weeks I won’t have class.

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