Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Cookies MUST Go!

My grandma's 90th birthday party was about a week and a half ago.

In addition to the huge, beautiful cake, several of my mom's friends baked. We had about 7 different cookies.

My mom sent cookies home with as many people as she could, but we still ended up keeping two trays full of cookies. We thought that would be okay because some of the guests from out of town came to the house the next day, but NONE of them ate any cookies!

That left us with two FULL trays. We had chocolate chip, raisin nut, oatmeal, toffee bars, some sesame cookie, pizzelles
and these Italian cookies that I think are spice cookies (we call them chocolate balls because we never remember what they are called).

I have gained a pound in a week.

Granted I have allowed myself to be physically lazy, especially considering that the 2 weeks prior to the party I was so busy painting and cleaning that I lost a few pounds.

But I blame the cookies. I am a chocoholic. A lot of people assume that means I am a candy eater, but I really am not. I do eat candy once in a while, but I rarely just sit and eat it and I would much rather have baked goods. And I am particular about my candy, but even so, I don't eat it often. Of cookies and cakes, though, I will eat far too much.

They have been in the house taunting me for a week and a half. I eat a couple a day. I normally don't eat cookies because they normally aren't in the house.

The damn cookies MUST GO!

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Sandi said...

You sound just like me. I absolutely love baked goods. I am much more tempted by those, then by any candy or other chocolate out there.

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betchai said...

thanks for letting me know your new home Kelly. Like you, I am also non-stop in eating baked goods, I have a sweet tooth, but not much for candies, but more so on brownies, cookies, cakes, oh, I am bad. Now, if I can only help you with the cookies.

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Cashmere said...

Wow! That's so sinfully sweet..
Yummy! :)

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Phyl said...

You know what I did a few years ago, and even lost weight doing? I decided that I really had no obligation, if there was too much sugary food around -- and I threw it away! It was very liberating.

Of course...you wouldn't find me doing the same thing today. Heehee! But it really helped, back th en.

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