Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grandma's Dreaming Of Me In UGLY Shoes!

My mom went into grandma's room to check on her and ended up waking her.

Grandma was groggy and started to tell her what she was dreaming.

She had a dream that she was supposed to go to a wedding, but she couldn't because she didn't feel well. She was mad because everyone was going to weddings, but not her. My mom stayed home with her because I couldn't.

She said I was going on a date and I was wearing black oxfords with a bit of a heal on them.She said I was complaining about how muddy it was outside, so I was wearing these oxfords because the heal made them higher so I didn't get my ankles muddy.

I got a big kick out of this. First, I'm not sure where she got the idea of me wearing these kinds of shoes.

I admit that I don't always wear the cutest or most fashionable shoes. On a regular day, I choose comfort over fashion because I'm not going anywhere, maybe the grocery store. But if I go out, especially on a date, I look cute.

I don't even wear gym shoes (sneakers, tennis shoes or athletic footwear to the rest of the world) unless I am exercising. I hate them, which is part of why I prefer yoga, I can be barefoot.

I started to laugh when I heard this dream.

My grandma has been saying she is going to live to 120, my mom will be 90 and I will take care of them both. My mind instantly flashed to me at 62 going out on a date in my black oxfords while my 90 year old mom stays home to care for my 120 year old grandma!

I pictured myself in a black frock with lace up to the neck, black hose and my black oxfords. I suddenly looked like an Italian widow.

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RE Ausetkmt said...

wowww.. you moved off
good for you !

well I think shoes mean changes in a situation. moving from one situation to another one. maybe the sensible shoes means you are moving into a more sensible situation - from your grandma's dreamview.

Kelly said...

yes, I did! And I am really glad I moved too!

I like your interpretation of that dream. And I hope you are right!

alicia said...

ohhh Mamma mia....your granny is a hoot. I guess the good thing about being a widow is that you got married....

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Kelly said...

true! good point!

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