Sunday, April 19, 2009

How Does Lack Of Sleep Affect You?

We all suffer from lack of sleep from time to time.

Some of us more than others.

I have always had issues sleeping. I either cannot fall asleep to begin with and/or I wake up a multitude of times in the night.

The more stress I feel, the more that is on my mind, the more frequent and severe the sleeping problems.

Other times, it's self-induced. For example, if I am reading a book that has completely enthralled me. It doesn't happen with every book, thankfully, but it does happen often enough that I tend to take reading in spurts.

I will read 3-5 books in a month and then nothing for a few months. I am currently on book 3 for this month. We shall see how many I fit in before I crash.

Another self-induced cause of sleep problems is caffeine.

It never used to bother me, but when it started to bother me, it took a few years to realize that it was the cause.

Now, I limit my caffeine to the morning and early afternoon. I drink decaf after 3 pm.

Unless I get Starbucks. The only thing I drink from Starbucks is the Mocha Frappuccino. When I have them, I HAVE to take a sleeping pill or I am up until 2 am or later.

Once in a while I forget to take the sleeping pill and I suffer. Or I go out and can't take a sleeping pill. If I take the sleeping pill after 9 or 9:30, I am a zombie the next day.

The other night, I had Starbucks and then I went out. I didn't stay out that late, but it was far too late to take a sleeping pill. I was awake until 2:30 and woke up 2 or 3 times that night.

Before I even fell asleep, I could feel the repercussions.

The first thing that happens to me when I don't get enough sleep is severe pain in my legs. If I didn't know better, I would think I had a blood clot that was traveling through my legs. It's excruciating. Then my lumbar spine aches. As the day progresses, I get a headache. Fortunately not a migraine, which I am prone to, but the kind that makes it hard to focus. I also have terrible balance and become extra clumsy (another thing I am prone to anyway).

I know some people never experience anything but lethargy with lack of sleep. How about you? Do you have any physical symptoms like I do?

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Carrie said...

I get sore all over and usually get a headache and/or stomach issues. I usually don't have trouble sleeping but the last year or so I have started to off and on.

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Ian said...

I read like that too, in spurts.

flit said...

I get a wicked headache and get totally bitchy.

Or weepy, which is worse.

I am sure i left comments last time I was here but now they're all gone again

Stephanie said...

They've done research that lack of sleep, even mild fatique, can cause reaction drops as severe as being drunk.

Most people can't concentrate, focus, act logically, or use good judgement and one's motor skills go out the window.

I get headaches as well and know my mood gets snippy. I'm also chronically short of sleep (I've averaged 5 hours an night for decades)

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Kelly said...

Flit, where did you leave the comments? Under this post? hmmmm. LadyJava has offered to help me remove the JS-Kit code so hopefully that will make commenting easier.

LadyJava said...

Wohooo Kelly!
It worked!! Glad I can help :)


Lola said...

I have severe lower back pain. I do not even attempt to go to sleep until I am exhausted. If I try, I only aggravate my partner with my constant flipping and changing positions. I could take a pain pill that would knock me out, but I try to avoid that because I usually need to wake up my daughter at 6am for school because she isn't capable of handling the responsibility of getting herself up and out the door due to her illness. It also makes me nervous to take something that will knock me out because of her behavior at times.

So I'm usually off to bed around 2am, up at 6am, see her out the door by 7am. Sometimes I will lie on the couch and catch a few more z's so I don't disturb my partner. Other times, I'll just stay up. In any case, later in the day it's like I've got narcolepsy. I will be sitting blogging and watching tv and I'll just drop off. My son thinks it's hilariously entertaining. Caffeine usually helps stop the nodding off.

flit said...

previous ones were on the Today Exiles posts... but no worries...t'weren't nothing important :)

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