Monday, April 13, 2009

I Finally Saw The Twilight Movie

You may recall from posts on my old blog that I have read the Twilight books and loved them. My best friend introduced me to them last fall. I flew through the first 2, Twilight and New Moon, in about a week and a half. I got the other two, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn for Christmas, but I didn't read them until a few weeks ago, and again flew through them.I know they are not for everyone, but I really enjoyed them.
I tried to avoid the ads for the film, though, because I didn't want it to ruin the images in my head until I had finished reading.
My best friend got the movie for her birthday last week and she invited me over to watch it with her this weekend.
It turned into a bit of a party. She had gone to the theater to see it with her teenage nieces, but they wanted to see it again, so they invited themselves over. Her soon-to-be-sister-in-law also loves the books and hadn't seen the movie, so she came over to watch. The men were in charge of my friends toddler and infant.
I'm not going to declare it a great film, but it was fun.
I think I had more fun watching it with them because of the comments we were making. My friend's one niece is a film major and she was telling us some inside stories that had us laughing. My friend's soon-to-be-sister-in-law is considering including some of the dialogue into her vows, calling her fiance "Edward" and sprinkling him with glitter so he shimmers like Edward in the sunlight.
It was a lot of fun.I had heard some people say Twilight is the best movie and other say it's horrible.
It's not what I would consider the best movie. I can't say I would watch the movie again. Maybe when the next one comes out, I might watch it before seeing the second one. But I also wouldn't say it's the worst. It's fun. Close enough to the book to not make me mad like most book adaptations do.
I'm curious to watch the next one, New Moon, when it comes out in November. I'm especially curious to see how they make Jacob grow so much, how they portray the wolves and seeing if the way I imagined the Volturi is the way they do.
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Dori said...

I am going to have to finally check out the Twilight books and movie. I'm so intrigued now.

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Cashmere said...

Cool! I like the movie and I've read the book. Planning to read the rest of the books only after watching the movie cos I don't wanna spoil anything. So anyway, the movies are for teenage girls so I can understand why many adults hate the movie.. ;)

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Stephanie said...

My daughter's been a fan for ages so she dragged me to the movie. I will say this for the movie. I found it sufficiently fascinating to chew through the whole series of books that weekend. I now have them on my eReader. I don't think either are classics, but I understand the appeal.

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Mystique said...

I'm one certified Twilight saga addict...I've watched the movie and would never get tired of watching it over and over again. Read all the four books too.can't wait for the fifth hope it'll be out soon...

Guest said...

This is my problem with books made into movies because I usually either love the movie or love the book. I just saw Twilight recently and LOVED IT, actually I've watched it three times already. I got lost in the love story. Now I want to read the books but I know if I read new moon before it comes out I probably won't like the movie as much. Sigh.

Jill@ModernMommyBlog said...

oops...forgot to add my name :-)

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Mara de Guzman said...

i loved the books. i think the movie was okay but it wasn't that great. still enjoyable though.

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