Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A New Angel

A few weeks ago a friend of mine lost her sister-in-law. Less than a year ago, her sister-in-law was diagnosed with leukemia. She was pregnant with her second child.

They took the baby early and he was attached to tubes for several weeks. They began chemo to treat the leukemia aggressively.

The poor woman was sick for most of her baby’s life, but she was fighting hard so she could stay in his life.
They thought she was doing well. In fact the week before, we asked how she was and my friend said she was doing pretty good. Something happened and she took a turn for the worse.

She asked her family to take her kids home because she did not want them seeing her like that. A few days later she passed away.

My friend is in shock. I can’t say I blame her. You never expect someone 35 years old to die, even if they are sick.

My niece heard my sister talking about it on the phone and asked what happened.
My niece asked how old the woman was. My sister told her and my niece said, “but Mom, that’s your age.”
My sister could see the panic in her face and told her that sometimes people who are young like mommy get sick and they die, but sometimes they live as long as great-grandma.
That helped ease her fears.

I never met my friend’s sister-in-law. Yet, I can’t stop thinking about her. I can’t stop thinking about how devastated her family must be. I can’t stop thinking about her husband and her children.

Her family has set up a website in tribute to her, a woman who spent her life helping those with cancer, only to succumb to the disease herself. May she and her family find peace.

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flit said...

that's awful...I'm so sorry

Stephanie B said...

Oh, my heart goes out to them and to you. It's never easy to lose a loved one, but I think it's twice as hard when they still had so much life ahead of them, when there are wee ones they leave behind.

Kelly B said...

Thanks, I'm sorry too. I know they are having a hard time wrapping their heads around it.
And Stephanie, yes it is twice as hard when they are young and they have such young children. It's heartbreaking.

Gina said...

Kelly, I'm going through and deleting old emails. I just recently came across one with your kellyb-rant address on it. So, I checked it out to see if there was anything new. There wasn't, but I found a link to this blog. I decided to go back and read some old posts. I came across this one and started crying. I never knew you wrote this. Thank you so much for honoring Vicki. This Monday will be the one year anniversary of her death. I miss her so much. I can't tell you how many times I still want to call her and share a story with her or get her advice on something. And more than anything I wish that she would have been able to see her beautiful boys grow up. Thank you again for honoring her in this way.

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