Monday, April 6, 2009


I am so exhausted from the big weekend that I am just going to do a short post. The party was fantastic and I will go into detail tomorrow. I could have slept until noon today if I had let myself.

Grandma enjoyed herself immensely Saturday. She has said, and I am not exaggerating, at least 100 times in the last 2 days, "thank you so much, I have never had such a wonderful party. I can't thank you enough." It's very cute.

I now have a computer that I can access anytime, so I will be posting more regularly than I have been able to over the last couple of months. My laptop is not functioning, but I have a desktop now that I can use whenever I want to and as often as I want to that is just as fast or faster than my laptop was. I am so happy about that. I miss my laptop, but it's great to not be cut off from the internet and blogosphere!

I will be back tomorrow more rested and full of tales of the party!


Patricia Rockwell said...

It simply delights me to hear about your grandma! I'm so glad she enjoyed her party and you are a wonderful granddaughter to do this for her!

Kelly B said...

She's a wonderful grandma and it was a pleasure for me to do it. Thanks, Patricia!

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