Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Secrets Are You Hiding?

We all have secrets.

Anyone who says they don't is either lying to you or to themselves.

For me, I have more secrets than I care to admit.

I am an extremely private person. Probably seems ironic considering this is a personal blog and that I am very honest in what I write.

However, I do have some anonymity here. While some people I know do read this blog, I do my best to keep it from my family and friends who might sit in judgment or gossip in such a way that it would hurt my family.

Even so, I do not disclose my deepest secrets to you.

I have a wide range of secrets that include things that I have done for which I am ashamed or regretful and things that have happened that are painful or embarrassing.

Yet the things that I try to hold secret more than these are secrets of my thoughts and character.

We all think things we shouldn't. We all have moments that would expose chinks in the persona we present to the world.

The persona I do my best to present to the world is that of a strong, kind, compassionate, thoughtful and loving person.

I am those things most of the time.

There are some individuals that bring out the worst in me. Some that inspire thoughts so full of contempt and rage that I would be beyond mortified if others could read my mind.

Some things are intertwined. Some of my actions or experiences I keep secret because I do not want to expose those chinks. Those imperfections in who I am. Imperfections that would cause others to look at me differently.

I know there is no such thing as perfection, but I have always attempted to be as close to it as I can. In some ways, I'd rather keep up the facade than show my flaws.

What kind of secrets are you hiding?

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Andy said...

That facade is a tough thing sometimes, isn't it? The whole judgment thing keeps us from doing things we really just want to do...for ourselves. I don't seems people that want to just be "themselves" need to prepare for a bit of punishment from people who don't have the courage to do so.

I don't even know what I'm saying here;) Only that we all have secrets...and so we should. I mean...those things we aren't too proud of teach us a helluva' lot. (At least we took a chance...)

Lindsay Maddox said...

Mmm, good post. Yep, there are certainly things about my personality that I consider imperfections. I know I can be unfairly judgmental, and yet, I can't stand when others judge me. I loathe that inner hypocrite.

Patricia Rockwell said...

I reveal most personal things on my blog except some things related to health and personal history. Also, I don't discuss my two children, not because I am ashamed of them or am unwilling to discuss them--far from it. I don't discuss them because they don't want me to and get mad if I even mention their names on my blog!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

We all have those secrets which makes life a little more interesting. However on blogs I don't always bare my soul. Like you the judgment factor is always there from family and friends.

Phyl said...

I have just a few things I don't share even with my closest friends -- usually things that are too embarrassing, or instances where I really blew my stack and it wasn't pleasant.

Given that we all have at least a partial facade to hide things like this, I wonder if it isn't some kind of civilizing mechanism that is actually a good tool to keep society from collapsing into total anarchy. Of course, then we're faced with trying to know how rigid a line there should be, and how much of it is tradition that should be torn down, and how much is helpful.

You always ask such thought-provoking questions.

sundcarrie said...

I don't think I know anyone with out secrets. I have loads of my own, I even think I have secrets I try to hide from myself.
The more transparent you become the easier it is to get hurt. It is hard to find the happy medium.

Monique said...

I don't really feel that I'm hiding anything if I don't mention it on my blog. I only talk about events that I think are appropriate with the subject, but I don't disclose any secrets. I think we can still have a personal blog without revealing our deepest secrets.

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