Sunday, May 31, 2009

Babysitting Chuckles

Last night, I babysat my niece and nephew so my sister could go to dinner with her hubby for her birthday, which is today.

These kids crack me up. Actually, most kids do. Some irritate the hell out of me, but most make me laugh.

My sister and her husband bought a mini-van yesterday. She had a 2001 Pontiac Aztec that was on its last leg, or wheel. The kids have been wanting a mini-van for a while.

That in itself cracks me up. Add to the desire to have a mini-van, they call it a front-back. No idea why, but they do.

When I got there, they had to show me how cool their new car is. My niece proceeds to tell me, with a big grin, that Monday when she goes to school, all of her friends are going to wonder where she is because they know her car and they won't see her car. Add giggles and she continues to tell me that when her friends do see her in class they are going to say, "hey, we didn't think you were here, we didn't see your car. Did you walk to school today?" and then she will say, no, we bought a new car and it's really cool.

I love the "we" bought a new car.

They jumped rope for a while and then I asked what they got mommy for her birthday and they said nothing. I said did you at least get her a card. No. I said, "you have to give mommy a card. She will be very sad if you don't have a card for her. Let's go make her one."

So we went in and my niece wrote the messages and they colored and glued beads on the front. My niece wanted to go get her a gift card to Starbucks but I told her that I didn't have keys to the house so we couldn't. I told her to ask her dad when he came home.

Thankfully, her dad was way ahead of her and had gotten her a Starbucks card, so the kids gave her that with their cards this morning. She really would have been hurt to not have cards from them.

While we were making the cards, my niece goes on about how it's important to give cards to the people you love and especially moms. She said her mom was going to be 26 tomorrow. I nearly choked and said, "26?" She said, yeah. I laughed and said, no, your mom is going to be 36 tomorrow. "My mom is going to be 36!?" she said incredulously. I said, yep. Your mom is older than me and I am 32. "You're 32?!" she said even more amazed. My sister swears she did not tell her she was 26.

Then we went back outside and the neighbor kid was at the fence and my niece told her about their new car and said it matches her eyes, which cracked me up. Yes, you should always buy a car to go with your eyes.

We went in when it started to get dark and they played the Mario Cart game on the Wii. They were on their second game when my niece had me in tears. The particular race course they were on was icy with giant penguins. I was joking about being careful because it was icy. My nephew takes off like a bat out of hell and is in 3rd place while my niece is in 12th place.

She said, we really should be careful. It is dangerous on the ice and this game is to teach you how to drive. The game is about winning, but it is much more important to drive safely.

I said, this game is to teach you how to drive?

Yes, it is and even though winning is fun, learning to drive safely and carefully is more important.

She is 7.

I could go on and on about the silly things they said last night, but for now, I will bid you goodnight.

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flit said...

We babysat here today as well... the grandbabies are only almost 3 and almost 2 though... but they were awfully cute

Dwacon® said...

Kewl blog!

oner said...

wow.. i think you re happy now...
WHen your babysat yesterday,, congratulations

betchai said...

wow, your niece so cute, am sure she brings a lot of smile to your face, i miss talking with little kids, and reading this one brings back memories of me babysitting my nieces and nephews when they were younger.

PJ said...

kids are so innocent and full of stories. i love listening to their tales and laughing with their intensity.

insurance said...

You look very with your children. Success with family, it is meaning our life. congrats!

Alisa@Foodista said...

Lol,great post! My son is 10yo and "all grown up" but I have a nephew who is 3yo and he really makes me laugh.

Lindsay Maddox said...

What a riot! This had me in giggles.

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