Saturday, May 2, 2009

Book Shopping and Free Coffee

Yesterday I posted about the book I am currently reading, The Beet Queen, by Louise Erdrich.

I had put The Beet Queen on my Christmas list not knowing that it was part of the Love Medicine series.

In fact, I didn't know there was a Love Medicine series.

I had read Love Medicine in college. A few years ago, I had bought Tracks without knowing it went with the series.

I was looking in the back of The Beet Queen at all the books that Louise Erdrich has published to see that not only do the three go together, but there is a 4th! The Bingo Palace.

The description of The Bingo Palace includes characters from Love Medicine and sounds like it picks up where Love Medicine left off.

Today I am doing a mystery shop at the Seattle's Best at a Borders. (Yes, I do mystery shopping once in a while.) While I am there, I am going to pick up The Bingo Palace with a gift card I had gotten for Christmas. I will do my best to restrain myself...I turn into a kid in a candy store in book stores.

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sundcarrie said...

I am like that in a book store too. I try to stay away and just shop at Amazon with the gift cards I get. I get carried away then as well!

Small Footprints said...

I love Louise Erdrich ... thanks for the review of The Beet Queen. I haven't read it yet!

Small Footprints

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