Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do Men REALLY Care?

Women spend countless hours (and dollars) on various cosmetic, shall we say, improvements.

I'm talking anything from facials and eyebrow maintenance to a mani/pedi all the way down to a bikini wax.

I know most men do not care about, or probably even notice, the shoes and clothes.

But once that is all stripped down, do the physical "alterations" most women make matter?

Do most men care if our eyebrows are perfect? Do they care if our pores are flawless?

How about if we get a bikini wax or Brazilian wax or even wax at all?

Not all women do these things for a man, some do it for themselves, yet a lot do pay attention to these details thinking men like it. So, I have to know.

Do men REALLY care?

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flit said...

good question - I don't bother with most of that stuff and mine hasn't complained :)

turisuna said...

Man doesn't care about the details, he only wants to see woman looks pretty overall, sometimes my man will complain if I do too much with my appearance, he prefer the naturally beauty.

Joy said...

I think men do not bring it up if those things are kept up. If they become unkept, he will notice and vice versa.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Most men really don't care. I think we women should do it or not for ourselves.

Stephanie B said...

If my husband is any criteria (see flit's answer - it's the same), men care much less about such things than women.

PJ said...

i will agree with the rest.

oh, you have been tagged!

derek bowles said...

we definitely will notice the waxing (at least I do). I will say I don't really notice eyebrows and things like that until it they become unkept like joy said. I prefer a women that doesn't wear 5 pounds of make up.

Anonymous said...

Let me share a few different thoughts from a man's perspective.

First, I have to acknowledge that I might not be a typical man, so take my word with appropriate grains of salt.

During courtship, when you are attempting to get a man's attention, trying to look your nicest is important. Even us fashion-challenged men try to do the same.

But once you've gotten someone's attention, there are a lot of things that matter a lot more than appearance.

In my mind, a woman who spends a lot of time thinking about how she looks after she has gotten the attention of her man is not only wasting her time, but may be missing the more important ways of keeping a man interested.

Sure, there are special times to focus on appearance. Yet even with these special times, any focus on appearance is just a nice addition.

Likewise, a focus on appearance might be helpful if you've lost somebody's attention, but if that has happened, there may be bigger problems.

Then again, I might just be different. I think my wife looks beautiful whether or not she makes herself up. I've come to know how fascinating she is, even when our lives get mired in day to day details.

My two cents.

menlo64 said...

You continue to primp and preen not for "YOUR" man, you need to be ready for Mr. Right when he shows up.
Would he still be "Your Man" if you could no longer have sex?

J. Alfred Proofreader said...

yep, men REALLY care.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I think it depends on the man. Some man are attracted to girly girls and some men see them as high maintenance.

Speaking as one of high maintenance chic that truly believes in suffering for beauty...after three year of painful Brazilians...even I gave up. My motto now just keep it low and tidy...if God wanted grown women to be "bare" he would made us that way.

betchai said...

if i base it from my husband and some men i know, they really d not care as long as the over-all appearance is neat and tidy. i know some who actually do not like heavy make-up, but also prefers a little bit of make-up. like just a little to look good, but not too much that it hides the person in us.

The Prince of Centraxis said...

I care all right. The smell of toxic chemical cosmetics makes me puke. Native femininity is the true lure - but you can always read someone's diet by their scent, and vegetarians definitely taste better!
I also like the feel of fine feminine down on female limbs when they wrap around me. Hairlessness is for plastic dolls.

sundcarrie said...

They care they may never say so but they do. Not to the extent that women they may not expect the same level of perfection.
My husband has actually mentioned the shaving thing.

Signe said...

My dh doesn't notice that kind of stuff. But as a pp suggested, if I didn't do the "maintenance", he'd probably take note.

Kelly B said...

Thanks for weighing in everyone! I guess it's like with most things, it depends on the person.

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