Monday, May 4, 2009

Ductogram & Biopsy Follow-Up

Last fall I had to undergo a ductogram and a surgical biopsy on my right breast.

You may recall this from my many posts at my old blog.

I had been experiencing a bloody discharge. There are, apparently, many colors a discharge can be that is not problematic, including green.

However, blood in the discharge is one of the types that requires further investigation because it could be the beginning signs of breast cancer.

If you did follow that story, you may recall that I was not afraid of the ductogram at all, but I was terrified of the surgery. Only to find that the surgery was not at all painful, whereas the ductogram would have been an excellent form of torture under the Bush Administration.

When I went for my follow-up a week after the procedures, the doctor explained that what they removed was simply a papilloma.

My doctor wrote out an order to see her in 6 months.

Well, my 6 months are up.

Today I am going for a visit with my surgeon and a mammogram to ensure that everything is healing well.

I have found that my right breast is more sensitive than before.

That time of the month when one's breasts are tender to begin with, the right is much more tender.

I have random discomfort and randomly feel a pinching in that breast.

I also am very aware of that breast. It almost feels heavier, if that is possible. I normally ignore my breasts. They are barely noticeable upon viewing, but unless I am jumping around, I normally don't pay any attention to them.

However, now, it's like my right breast is reminding me it is still there all the time.

3 weeks ago, my right breast hurt as if it was that time of the month, though it wasn't. I touched it instinctively and felt a lump the size of a lima bean. I had my mom feel it too in case I was just paranoid. She did feel it and asked when I go to the doctor again.

Now I do not feel anything unless I probe for a while and I am not sure if it is anything at all.

I am going to mention all of this to the doctor. I am hoping, like the last time, the cause is nothing, but I am aware it could be something.

Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer if you don't mind.

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PJ said...

i have my fingers crossed and am sending positive thoughts your way

flit said...

Me too! Definitely!

Patricia Rockwell said...

I so have them crossed too! My sister just had something similar happen and had to undergo extra mammograms because she thought she felt a lump. It turned out to be nothing. I hope that is your case too.

Dori said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you too. Lots of hugs.

Joe-ann said...

Hope all is well.=)

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I am sending up a prayer for you.

ROSILIE said...

My prayers are on their way to you.

Kelly B said...

Thanks everyone! Tomorrow's post will tell you all about it!

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