Saturday, May 16, 2009

Explain The Attraction

Explain the attraction to Drew Peterson.

He seems to attract young, pretty girls.

And he seems to be a serial-wedder. He's been married several times, but let's look at the marriages surrounding the court cases.
Kathleen Savio was young and pretty. He divorced her and days later married Stacy Peterson.

Stacy Peterson was young, she'd only be 25 now, and attractive. Stacy Peterson, his current wife, is missing and he is engaged to another woman.

Christina Raines is only 23 and attractive. A mother of 2 small kids.

I know Drew Peterson has not been found guilty, yet the possibility and all the suspicion around him would make me NOT want to date him, not to mention live with him. Especially if I had kids.

Add to that, the fact that he is old enough to be these girls' father (and mine). He is an unattractive man, even more so after watching his behavior on television.

Drew Peterson is cocky and arrogant. Most people, if accused of murder, not to mention arrested and charged with murder, would carry themselves with a modicum of seriousness. Most people would do what they could to come across as respectful and respectable.

Not this guy.

He cracks a joke every chance he gets, and those jokes are in no way amusing or appropriate to the situation.

If he is not guilty of murder, which I doubt, he is at the very least guilty of behaving shamefully.

Every time he speaks, it is like a slap in the face to the families of the two women he is accused of murdering.

I don't know if he could get a fair trial anywhere in this country since he has paraded himself across the airwaves and has done so in the air of a jackass.

All of these things considered, I need someone to explain how anyone could find Drew Peterson attractive?

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Patricia Rockwell said...

You know, I wonder that myself, as I live in the Chicago area and am bombarded with Drew-abilia nonstop. I could hop in my car and zip over to his house (not that I would). Clearly, he has learned how to ingratiate himself with young women in a way that men their own age have not learned. He may know how to make them feel appreciated or something. Again, I don't know if he is guilty or not. That isn't your question. Your concern (as is mine) is why would any young woman want to date an older man who had been married to women who had either died mysteriously or who had disappeared? You notice that no older woman (who obviously has the life experience to know better) will have anything to do with him.

Nicole said...

I could not agree more with what you wrote, and I certainly cannot even TRY to give you an answer as to why. It's disgusting really. Much like Patricia said though, he has a "way". More than likely he knows exactly what they want to hear, he probably chooses them carefully and he's more than likely a very manipulative man. Quite frankly, I think he is disgusting.
I digg'd ya! :)

Stephanie B said...

It has been my experience that cockiness seems to be part of the equation with those that have committed a crime.

I was once part of the jury pool for a child molestation case. The accused, in this case was a man in his sixties and the victim was his own relative.

I'd expect an honest or innocent man to be scared stiff, or angry and affronted to be accused of something like this.

This a$$hole was smug. I'm glad I wasn't picked. With his attitude, I could not have been objective.

BarbaraRae said...

I see nothing to be attracted to! But then, I don't fit the demographic anymore.

Some women like the bad guy image. In this case, he was the good guy, cop. Ya, he must know what to say to these young impressionable women!

His attitude and arrogance is appalling!

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...


I could not begin to understand the attraction. Drew seems like a bonefide a**hole...guilty or not. He is clearly going after young and dumb women that don't know any better. Here is a question for you where are THEIR parents?

Let me bring a joker home like Drew and see wait Col Dad says...

Kelly B said...

I think you are all right.

Stephanie, I could not have been objective either, but I have serious issues with anyone that would harm a child...especially pedophiles.

Alicia, the last girl, Christina Raines, her father has been very vocal and aggressive about trying to get his daughter and grandkids out of that house. He has made several pleas and TV appearances stating his worry and his disgust with Peterson. I can't say anything about any other parent, but I know at least her dad has been vocal about it.

Kelly B said...

Oh, and thanks, Nicole!

*lynne* said...

Hi Kelly,

I think you got some facts wrong - Kathleen Savio died what is now considered a suspicious death, back in 2004. It's for her death that Drew is currently arraigned/arrested.

I too don't understand how he seems to attract people... and that whole on-again off-again engagement to Christina? What on earth is going through her mind?! How much of that was a publicity stunt, and how much "authentic", I wonder if we'll ever know...

Blog Administrator said...

I can't imagine what women see in Drew Peterson. I'm way past his demographic and a lesbian, so I really couldn't say for sure what they are attracted to. But there does seem to be a certain type of woman who perhaps isn't necessarily a thrill seeker, but someone who wants attention, likes the celebrity of dating someone like Drew. Women were falling at his feet wanting to date him after the Stacy Peterson disappearance. My partner used to work with a woman who dated Drew briefly before she began dating Christina Raines. As for Stacy, we probably won't ever know for sure. Maybe it's the sugar daddy effect???

Blog Administrator said...

Btw, Blog Administrator is Lola from Lola's Diner, I forgot I was signed into FCR.

Anonymous said...

I hope they fry him

Kelly B said...

lynne, I wasn't really addressing the court case or the details of it, but thanks for clearing that up for my readers. While is only currently legally accused of killing one wife, in the media he is accused of killing two.

Thanks, Lola, I was looking at that thinking who is Blog Administrator! hehe!

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