Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Got Squished - Mammogram Results

Yesterday, I had my follow up appointment to see how I am healing after the biopsy last fall.

The last 2 times I was at the Breast Center, it was so cold in there. I understand why they keep doctor's offices and such that cold. I don't really even mind it because I am generally on the warm side. So, I planned for the cold.

I wore a 3/4 length sleeve and took a jacket, even though it was a beautiful day and I did not need either. So, of course, it was warm in there. It was probably comfortable for the rest of the world, but for hot-blooded me, it was warm.

The last 2 times I was at the Breast Center, I also had to wait quite a long time to be seen at all, for the mammogram and for the doctor. The last time, I did not take a book...this time I did and there was little waiting.

Whining aside, it was a good visit.

I saw the surgeon first because she would not be there in the afternoon. They had moved my appointment up an hour and swapped the mammogram and the surgeon exam.

The surgeon was very happy with the way things were healing. I told her about all of the issues I mentioned yesterday. Most of them she said were not uncommon.

When I told her about the lump, she said it was probably a cyst. She said that I had 2 benign cysts appear on my last mammogram. I asked and she said, yes, they can go away on their own.

She did not feel anything, so she said unless the mammogram showed something, it wasn't anything to worry about. She also said that unless the mammogram showed something, I did not need to come back until I am 35.

Normally, they would have said to come again when I am 40, but because I had the biopsy and the papilloma, I should come back at 35.

I was escorted to the mammogram area and waited to be called for that. Oddly, I was alone in the waiting area the entire time before being called for the mammogram.

I have to say that I am strangely comfortable having a mammogram. I don't mean just the physical aspect of the procedure.

I am very modest. Not the type to go around showing off her assets. Not that I am covered up, but, let's just say that when I've been in New Orleans, I do not flash for beads. I am not generally comfortable disrobing in front of strangers, even doctors.

Yet, I am strangely comfortable doing this at the Breast Center.

I know that a lot of times women are encouraged to chat with their gynecologist to make it less strange to have a person you barely know looking around your hooha. I'd rather just hold my breath and be silent.

At the Breast Center, I am chatting people up. It doesn't even phase me that I am standing there with one boob flopping in the wind or having a strange woman grope me while smooshing my boob between paddles. I just chat it up like I am standing in line at the grocery store. Very bizarre.

After the mammogram was done (3 angles this time), I sat in the waiting area again for the results. This time there were 3 other women, 2 of whom were chatty as well. I've never had the chatty experience I hear so many speak of that occurs in the waiting room. I was starting to get jealous.

After a while, I got called out for the results. Good news. Everything looked good, so I have 2 1/2 years before I need to go again. Let's see if I am so comfortable when 2 1/2 years of gravity have taken hold.

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Patricia Rockwell said...

So glad all is well for you. My mammogram results came in the mail and they were good too! Yay for both of us!

ciamismanis said...

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Lola said...

Happy to hear your mammogram went ok. I had mine done in April, also with good results. Yay for all 3 of us!

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I am happy things went...smooshed boobs and all.

flit said...

So glad to hear that all is well.

I'm 48 and have never had a mammogram - suppose it will be time to do something about that one o' these days.

*lynne* said...

Glad it all went well for you! :) I had my mamo last year, and my blog title says "If boobs were zits..." kinda captures how I felt about it, LoL! I had to do a follow-up, but in the end was given the all clear. I'm not expected back until age 40.

Kelly B said...

Thanks everyone!

I'm glad you've all had good results too!

Lindsay Maddox said...

LMAO, 2.5 years of gravity... HA!

Glad everything went well. I think I would feel the same being topless in the Breast Center. Boobs are boobs are boobs. Just another day's work for the people employed there!

Phyl said...

Great that all the results are good! That's excellent.

I go once a year now, and always feel pretty relaxed. I remember last time (September), I was chatting with the person about what would happen if there was a power blackout while you were standing there all squished. She said there's an automatic release that happens if the machine loses power.

I tend to ask technical questions because I'm always curious (you should see me talking to elevator repair people!), so that's probably why I never feel uncomfortable.

Anyway, good to hear that you're doing fine.

Julie@Momspective said...

See, I'm the opposite. I have no problem flaunting my assets, but have never had a mammogram. Glad yours went well!

Stephanie B said...

I'm glad it worked out. So much stress!

30ats said...

geez, this is something i oughta think about doing myself.

Sherri said...

Kelly, I'm so glad it went well! The best part about getting a mammogram is getting good news that everything is okay. When I was overdue for getting one, I would worry with any ache or pain or if something felt like it could be a lump. Since mine (even with a call back for more views) came back fine, I feel so much better and I don't worry. You know, I felt comfortable, too. I just stood there and let them maneuver my boobies like they were water balloons!

Dori said...

Great news! :-)

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