Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Glad Adam Lambert Didn't Win American Idol!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Adam Lambert. That boy can sing circles around most people, including the members of KISS, whom he sang with last night.

I have been a fan of his since day one. He is uber-talented and an incredible performer.

When he sang with Queen last night, he gave me chills. Freddy Mercury would be damn proud.

But, I'm glad he didn't win the title of American Idol.

Not because I like Kris Allen better, I don't.

Not to take away from Kris Allen. He is a great singer and musician, no doubt.

I just love a big voice, which is why I had been cheering for Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta (loved her performance with Cyndi Lauper, by the way). They both have texture and mega range to their voices.

I also grew up with 80's Glam Rock. If you don't like that kind of Rock N' Roll, I don't imagine you'd much care for Adam.

However, my 90 year old grandmother loves him and is so mad he didn't win!

I did not vote Tuesday night because I didn't care which one won. I think Kris needs American Idol to help promote him. He is so quiet and humble, that I don't know that he would do as well if he didn't have Idol behind him.

I also think Adam needs to be free from Idol to make the kind of record that he should be making. He knows how talented he is and can promote himself just fine.

I heard some people say Adam didn't win because of the gay factor. I think that's a bunch of bull. I don't think that was a factor at all. People are going to over-analyze the outcome of this because it was such a shock to everyone including Kris Allen.

I say, just let it go. The way people are reacting, in my opinion, is taking away from Kris Allen's talent. He IS very talented. They are just two very different people with two very different styles. That does not mean one is less talented than the other.

I heard that both will have albums come out in the fall. I am excited to see what they both do.

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Judy said...

I really did want Adam to win. We have surround sound...when he sang, the timbre of his voice just vibrated the room. Such quality, such talent! And, being a 70 year old woman, it took my son to tell me that he was gay. I'm usually "on" to that earlier, but I think I was just so mesmerized by his voice that I either didn't notice or didn't care.

Cashmere said...

I was shocked by the result too.. I really thought Adam was the winner, hands down. I have to say I didn't like the Idol song though.. And I am with you, I like the Cyndi Lauper duet performance.. :)

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I don't watch the show that often but I did hear both of them sing and they are both talented. I hope your granny gets over the loss.

Sherri said...

I totally agree. I think the best thing for Adam was getting 2nd. He got tons of publicity, and he's bound to be successful on his own (without the contract restrictions from American Idol).

Mikes said...

I agree!

sundcarrie said...

Well I guess I get to hear about that when I get to work today. I am not an American Idol fan but I have been sneaking a few peeks at this Adam Lambert and I really liked him.
I am more a Rockstar fan and I wish they would put that show back on. Adam might have won on that show!

Anonymous said...

My daughter was so upset that Adam didn't win. I could have cared less...I'm still gloating about Danny winning Hell's Kitchen. (Tayelor is the AI freak, I'm the HK freak!)

However, I did catch him singing with KISS. How weird it was to tell my kids that I was all about KISS when I was their age! Peter Kriss Rules!

betchai said...

I still have not gotten over Adam's loss, I voted Tuesday night :) But I actually love the idea that he will not singing that American Idol song "No Boundaries", I totally disliked it, so, with that in mind, I am kind of telling myself that maybe it is for Adam's best that he did not win, so that his fans won't have to be forced to buy his "No boundaries" song which he will really record if he won.

I was in tears when Allison was eliminated, but was not feeling anything when Ryan said Kris is the new american idol, I was not surprised, I kind of expected it. However, a day after, hearing some friends reactions how they feel about Adam's loss, and reading too, I start to get a little bit emo :( heehehehe/ Anyway, looking at the positive side, I think it is better for Adam to not win, I can't wait for his first song.

Kelly B said...

sundcarrie, I LOVED Rockstar! There were some AMAZING signers on there. The only problem is they have to have an established band looking for a singer for it to work....

JosMae said...

You are right! They are just two different talented people. What matter most is they got different ways of making people happy.

~~ True love of Philippine women ~~

Filipina Dating said...

I'm really a big fan of Adam Lambert and I felt bad when he did not win but even though he lost he still became very famous in the music industry...I'm looking forward to more of his songs in the future! :)

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