Sunday, May 17, 2009

Niece Filled Weekend

This weekend has been centered around my niece.

Friday was her ballet recital. This is her 3rd year in ballet and the recitals previous years have been so boring that we have all fallen asleep at some point. Especially since she is really only on stage for 2-3 minutes.

The strange thing about this place is that they do skits like you would expect from a recital for the first hour or so, and then the next 2 hours is an actual ballet.

One year it was Cinderella, the other it was A Midsummer's Night Dream. This year it was better because it felt more age appropriate. This year they performed Alice in Wonderland.  We were also in the first row, which made us stay awake as the dancers could SEE US!

The recital was from 7:30 to 10:30, which seems late for the little ones. The ones my niece's age or younger only have one part, but kids a little older up to adults were in the entire recital. I have no idea how they remember all those dances. No matter when or how long their part was, they had to stay the entire time.

Saturday was my niece's 7th birthday party. I cannot believe she is 7. I remember the day she was born like it was last week. I was at work. My mom had gone to the hospital early that morning because my sister went to the hospital in the middle of the night.

She had been in labor the entire day before and even sat through a movie in the theater as if going into labor with her first child was no big deal. Around 9 am, my mom called to tell my that she was born and that she was almost 9 lbs and had tons of dark hair and was just beautiful.

My sister knew she was having a girl, so we had been calling her by name all along. I was so excited that my niece was here that I sneaked into the back room and called my friend at work. My boss told me I could go home after about a half hour because she could tell there was no way I'd be able to concentrate on anything.

I rushed home and my mom had come back to the house at that point, so I rode with her to the hospital. I walked in to see this beautiful Snow White baby with dark hair and rosy red lips and skin as smooth as silk.

I fell in love with that child instantly. I held my Peanut kissing her cheeks and held back tears of joy.

Today she is 7. Tall and skinny and still beautiful with eyes as blue as the ocean. She is still fair with rosy lips, except her hair is much lighter. I want to stop time, I don't want her to get older. I want her to be young and innocent forever.

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PJ said...

that was so cute! thanks for sharing that clip.

Anonymous said...

Love the ballet!
I usually try and catch a Nutcracker presentation each Christmas. Good to see the young ladies are going to be there in a few years to replace the aged dancers of the professional ballet companies.

flit said...

My kids were more into hockey and baseball so I never got to do the dance recital thing. Thanks for sharing :)

betchai said...

your post brought back memories of me attending to my nieces as well during summers in the Philippines before, and they were into dance as well. a day before their recital, they always get so excited and hyped up :) i mss those days.

Stephanie B said...

This got me all choked up. I KNOW they need to grow up, but I hate that they have to.

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