Monday, May 25, 2009


Remember what today is really about. Remember the soldiers who laid down their lives for our freedoms.

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Bugler at Arlington Cemetery Photo © Capital Concerts

The number of American Soldiers killed and injured in combat:
Revolutionary War: 25,324 killed 8,445 injured
Civil War : North - 3636,020 killed 281,104 injured South - 199,110 killed 137,102 injured
WWI: 116,708 killed 204,002 injured
WWII: 408,306 killed 670,846 injured
Korean War: 54,246 killed 103,284 injured
Vietnam War: 58,219 killed 153,356 injured
Operation Desert Storm: 363 killed 357 injured
Iraq War: 4300 killed and growing 31,285 injured and growing

You do not have to support the war, but please support the troops.


harry seenthing said...

may we remember him continued would they

Poetic Shutterbug said...

It's astonishing to see those statistics. This day is about remembering those who lost their lives and the families and friends left behind.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Those stats are so jarring and there are so many grieving loved ones attached to each number. I watched a lot of the coverage that CNN did yesterday and the segment that moved me the most was how many children either don't know their parents or are still grieving due to the war.

along2481 said...

remember me to.......hehehehee...!!!!

Kelly B said...

along2481, that is incredibly inappropriate.

This post is about the men and women that have died fighting for their country. The idea is to remember their ultimate sacrifice.

You may find it amusing, but it's not. If your idea was to get me, or anyone else, to visit your blog by posting a comment that you thought was cute, I am afraid it backfired. That is simply an ignorant comment to make on such a post.


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