Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Waiting For Number 3

I've said it before, but these things come in threes.

Last Monday I found out a good friend's sister passed away. Now this friend turned 60 on Sunday and her sister passed away on Saturday. My friend and her sister had a falling out after their mother died a couple of years ago and hadn't really spoken.

When she found out her sister was in the hospital dying, she rushed to her side. She apologized for all that had happened and was able to say goodbye. Of course she is upset that her sister died, but the worst thing is that she was told not to go to the funeral.

She has been down and not really wanting to talk, so we have been communicating via email, so I don't know if she went anyway or not. I am so sad for her. This is a woman that has been to hell and back and deserves so much better than what she is living right now.

We are supposed to go for coffee this week, but if I do not hear from her in the next 24 hours, I am just going to go to her house. I can't let her wallow all alone.

Friday I found out that my godmother's daughter, another very good friend of mine, lost her best friend.

This friend is only 30 and her best friend was 28 years old. She had cancer and was undergoing a very intense treatment. Of course, my friend is hysterical at the loss. I have not spoken to her yet, though I have tried to contact her letting her know that I am here for her.

I feel for both of my friends and for the mother of the 28 year old. Losing her daughter Thursday, burying her the day before Mother's Day. Such sorrow that must be.

That's 2. These things always come in threes....

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flit said...

I hope they don't this time ...so much loss & sorrow :(

Laura said...

I hope she ignored the request not to attend the funeral. No one has the right to tell family they can't be there to give their respects, say good-bye a last time and just know that they attended and were some part of the whole thing. What is wrong with people that they would dare to tell someone not to be there?!! I married an American guy and my wedding and reception were all about who was allowed to be there. I told them to bite me and I made sure all the groom's family were there, whether they liked it or not. It was my bloody wedding and my own family couldn't all attend just because I was married in the US and not Ontario (where I was from).

Stephanie B said...

Maybe I can drop the last shoe. My daughter's stepmother lost her sister to cancer the day before she was flying down here to go to our cancer center. She was 47 and leaves a husband and granddaughter (who had already lost her mother and father to violence - murder/suicide perpetrated by the father). The granddaughter she was raising is like six years old.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I know from experience that it does happen that way - in threes. Hopefully you can provide some comfort for your friend.

atomicvelvetsigh said...

these are sad news indeed. but i hope you dont get negative that these things comes in three. i pray for your friends that they find peace in their hearts as their loved ones are now in peace as well..

nipsy said...

I hope your first friend went anyways, even if she stood at a distance. I will keep my fingers crossed that the number 3 is a minor illness, and nothing more.

I hate the terrible 3's.

Laura said...

I don't believe that old thing about things happening in 3's. Things just happen in their own time. If you look for it you can make patterns but that is just you looking for them. :)

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