Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We Must Stop & Appreciate Life

I know I have talked about Mother's Day already, but I have more to say.

In addition to how I spent Mother's Day, I also thought about the mother of the 28 year old friend of my godmother's daughter who I mentioned yesterday. The 28 year old lost her life to cancer Thursday and she was buried Saturday.

I thought about how that mother must be feeling. The anguish of losing her daughter.

I know she is not alone. I know there are so many other mother's out there mourning a child they lost recently or years ago. I know that kind of loss does not go away. It seems to break the natural order, to lose a child.

I also thought about people who have lost their mothers and how sad of a day it must be. I can't imagine not having my mother and I cannot think about life without her.

I am grateful every day for the amount of time I have had with my mom and my grandma.

I received a comment from Andy at thirty seconds prompting me to read his post about mother's day. It brought me to tears and it made me think about how often we all go about our business without thinking about the sorrow and sadness and the fight that goes on in the lives of so many people.

Please stop by Andy's blog and read his post.  Get your yearly mammogram, do self breast exams and, please, do whatever you can to support Breast Cancer research. You can donate via the image on the upper right on my blog or click on the button on Andy's blog. No one is untouched by Breast Cancer.

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Lindsay Maddox said...

Such a good reminder, Kelly. A friend of mine's sister lost her 3 month old baby a week before Mother's Day and I couldn't stop thinking about how unbearably sad she must've felt especially on Mother's Day. I can't imagine losing my mother, let alone my children, and I try very hard to cherish both. You just never know what could happen...

alom_doank said...

nice and good blog,thanks for sharring.make me comment to in my blog;

Andy said...

Thanks, Kelly...for the link and your blog as well. It really sucks sometimes...and yes...mammograms ASAP. Don't wait until you're 40. Take care.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

Very important post. Mammograms are a must. And, being thankful and grateful is a gift we give ourselves. I enjoy your posts.

ShedLife said...

nice post..a reminder indeed

shengy said...

i agree

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