Monday, May 11, 2009

What Did You Do For Mother's Day?

I woke up early and ran to the store to get a few bunches of fresh flowers and my step-dad's morning coffee (so my mom wouldn't have to go for it).

I quietly entered through the back of the house, cleaned, cut and arranged the flowers. I made a bouquet with petite roses, white stock and yellow carnations for my mom and purple tulips with the white stock and yellow carnations for grandma.

Then I started frying bacon for breakfast. I don't eat it, but my mom loves it and she is always the one making breakfast for her husband on Sunday.

They woke up while the bacon was frying and my step-dad was so excited to wake up to Starbucks, you would have thought it was Father's Day!

I made pancakes and fried eggs and we had a nice breakfast. I cleaned up while my mom got ready to go over and take care of my uncle.

You would have thought that my cousin's would have had the brains and decency enough to say, "don't worry, Aunt, we will take care of him, you enjoy your day," especially being that they do not have a mother and have always said that my mom and grandma are their mothers. But they didn't, they left early to go have fun.

My sister and her family came over in the afternoon and we relaxed, opened gifts and ordered Chinese food. My mom loves it and that way, none of us would have to cook. Of course, I set everything out and cleaned everything up, but that's the way it is Mother's Day or not.

My niece and nephew (also my godchildren) gave me a box full of Mary Engelbreit things like little note cards, a journal, a dry erase board and that kind of thing. The coolest thing, though, is a plastic book mark with my niece's 1st grade photo on it. They know how I love to read, so that is such a great gift!

I gave my mom and grandma both a bunch of scratch off lotto tickets (they both love them) in addition to the flowers and breakfast.

My sister made my grandma one of those Kodak photo books. It's nice. She had a bunch of photos from grandma's 90th b-day party printed into a pocket size book. She also gave her candy, a bunch of word search books (she does a book every week) and a book mark with my niece's photo on it.

My sister gave my mom a stone for the garden (she has given her one every year since my niece was born) with each of the kids hand print and their names. The kids decorated it with colorful stones. She also gave her candy, some candles and magnet with my niece's school picture and a little tag for her key chain with the photo on it.

My sister made brownies and a peach crisp for dessert. My niece and nephew ate their weight in brownies and ice cream. I will just say, the walls should be padded.

How was your Mother's Day? What did you do?

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Shakespeare said...

My husband has taken to making his MIL and me breakfast in bed. This year it was French toast, Eggs Benedict, and yogurt-fruit parfait. Yum!

My little ones made cards and other things to give us, too. And the day before, my husband took the kids out clothes shopping, and his mom and I went out to gook around and have lunch together.

All in all, it was a great weekend! Yours sounded like fun, too!

Ceridwen said...

That sounds like a great Mother's Day! I'm quite far from my mom, but I talked to her on the phone for two hours yesterday. I ran the Leukemia and Lymphoma Rerun Run in the morning. My aunt has non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, so it was a very meaningful race.

flit said...

had an absolutely crummy craptastic day ... still in a mood because of it :(

Cashmere said...

It sounds like a fun Mother's Day celebration.. Unfortunately, I didnt get to celebrate it with my mom as I had some jobs to do on that weekend. But I did manage to wish her.. =|

Kelly B said...

flit, I'm sorry you had a craptastic day....I hope you cheer up soon!

Andy said...

I read your blog religiously. Love it. Here's what we did...I think you'll understand it:

(be sure to click through the picture)

Thanks for your cool blog. (Yes...I'm a guy...but I still like reading it.)


Kelly B said...

Andy, I love that you a guy and you enjoy my blog!

I enjoy yours too and your Mother's Day brought me to tears. I pray your family gets to enjoy many more Mother's Days.

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