Friday, May 1, 2009

What I Am Reading Now

I finished Love Medicine, by Louise Erdrich, and have moved on to her novel The Beet Queen.

It is considered the second book in a series that includes Love Medicine and Tracks, however, do not expect to pick up with the characters from Love Medicine.

While you will recognize a few names, so far, I have not encountered the main characters from Love Medicine.

The majority of the main characters in The Beet Queen are not Indian as they are in Love Medicine.

Erdrich continues to tell the story from each character's perspective from chapter to chapter.

This novel is just as rich and just as transfixing. I do miss the lyrical quality that comes through via the Native American voices of her characters, but I am enjoying this just as well.

I will admit, though, that The Beet Queen does not require the focus that Love Medicine did. There are less characters and the language is more familiar.

Erdrich has a talent for creating very rich characters and an ability to give them each an incredibly unique voice. I have read novels told from a variety of perspectives and it is hard to know which person is speaking without looking. Although each section is labeled in Erdrich's work, it is very easy to determine who is telling their story without looking.

Just like in Love Medicine, The Beet Queen covers the lives of the characters over decades. I'm less than half way through and it has already gone from 1932 to 1947. So far, I definitely give it a thumbs up.

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CraftyDragon said...

Thanks! These both sound like books I would like. Now I just have to find time to read...

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